Thankful Thursday ~ September 25

The theme for this week is Change.

I got a phone call from my daughter to say she was on her way home from music camp. She had called to see if we had a new puppy at our house and we did.

Friday: Our daughter arrived home from music camp in the morning. I am thankful her friend's parents were able to pick her up for us. Especially as I have had to make a similar trip this week, and will probably do the same next week. They stayed overnight to save arriving home around midnight or a similar hour after a drive three hours and back. We didn't have to stay anywhere, and they were able to stay at a friend's house for free. Our daughter had a wonderful time and loved her puppy as well. She learnt lots and wants to go again. She was playing the clarinet.

Her new clothes that came in the mail while she was away were a success, though one pair of capris she doesn't like and another will only fit for a little while. Her little sister should be able to wear them, though there is a gap in between them.

Saturday: I am grateful for all the washing that got done at our house. The vet found out we had a new puppy when earlier on in the week hubby had gone there to ask about special puppy food. She was sad our old dog was put down, and really wanted to see our new puppy which I thought was lovely. We went there and got a collar and the vet and her assistant were great and she gave him some ointment for his eye which has worked really well. He had a sore eye when we got him, some sibling antics had caused it.

Sunday: Our daughter got another trip out with her other friend. It was wonderful in that she was able to continue on her colour coordinating her accessories for her pup. She was able to buy a blue dog lead. Because she was taken shopping in the regional centre, which is quite a way from our home, she was able to buy a dog football (Aussie rules) as the dog kept taking hers. Our son got home safe from his 18 hour drive, he had a nap at the end just to make sure he got home OK. We got a large amount of rain.

Monday: I was thankful that by this time the puppy who we had had six days was used to his kennel. Hubby had gone in with him, and the cute thing had gone to sleep with hubby in there, but always woke up when he left. What fun. Anyway, it rained all day and the puppy had his nice dry kennel and he was happy to be in there for the day. The weather was wild so I was very thankful my son wasn't driving in it. It would have been a horrible first trip after getting his licence and car. It was a lovely cosy day by the heater for us and our wood is holding.

Tuesday: I finished packing the girls case for their holiday with their grandparents. We had a great time with the dog, who thought the chain was a snake and was barking at it. Then after he knew it was safe he started carrying it off. It is great he is a snake dog, but maybe he shouldn't go near one until he is a little older. My Mum said that my Grandfather was the one who suggested chickens/chooks when Mum got married to keep the snakes away from one side of our house, you know I don't remember seeing a snake in the orchard where the chooks were. The snakes at our new house are out the front, not sure I want chooks in the flower garden, but thinking a lot about how close to the front I could have them. Got any snake tips?

Wednesday: I am thankful today that the library brought another Beverly Lewis book so I can continue on with the series.

I was able to buy much needed underwear that I can't buy here. It is so hard to coordinate these things. I was thankful there was nothing wrong with my teeth or gums, I went to the dentist and dropped off the girls at the same time. I have a proper appointment next week, but I had an infection. The dentist suggested the problem was related to sinus.

I was thankful that the car I didn't see until it pulled in front of a truck had time to pull back in, maybe you only focus on the front cars? On the road we drive on, you have to concentrate all the time. I was changing songs on my CD, and looking at the road, but you can't even do that it seems, though I did know that. The only way around it is to make sure you have nice music, it is a must I think. Then just put it in at the start of a trip and during breaks and leave it on.

Dollar Five have some lovely new American styled cake sprinkles, so I was able to restock my cake decorating shelf where my mugs live. The imported ones are very expensive. I resisted the urge to buy the Halloween coloured ones, and got pink and white ones for the girls. I get things like that when I got to a larger place when I have the time. It was easy today as I was by myself and didn't have to hurry home to pick up anyone from school, or fit in with a school routine. We have a two week spring break at the moment from school.


Lynn said…
Hi Linda,

You have a week filled with thanks and girl....I love puppies. what a neat time in your life. Have a wonderful TT.
Darlene said…
Fabulous list of thanks!
Happy TT!
Sweet Blessings,
Such a great week of thanks!

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