Thankful Thursday ~ November 20

Thursday: Lizards. The girls were playing outside in the sandpit with the dog. The dog gave daughter a fright and the lizard ended up in her hair and they found it amusing.

A lovely book to read.

The smell of freshly mown grass coming through open windows, our second night with them open.

Lovely meal, wasn't sure about it and hubby loved it.

A small sleep-in while our second son went for his final exam for the year.

Listening to the Partridge Family cheered me up.

Friday: Puppy games. Windsock fish and a church based activity for my little girl where she learns things, like Sunday school. Lovely meal again, it helps.

Saturday: We really enjoyed our meal. We had some advice for the future about jobs, that is something to think about.

Sunday: Sunday was Australian Idol which is enjoyable. Ballet rehearsals went well.

Monday: A nice chat at ballet. A book that I wanted to read turned up at the library, so I stopped being between books. I was having trouble starting one.

My husband told me some information about my favourite bird that I was talking about here during the winter. He must have gone to the trouble of tracking it down. It is small like a sparrow with shorter tail I think he said. Apparently they are hard to see and he likes to sit in the large crepe myrtle trees at the top. It is a bush bird, and I am happy he choses to come to our town house, though it is really a town in the bush well near it anyway.

Tuesday: A small two strips that looked like fields of dandelion flowers.

Listening to the winners singles from Australian Idol.

Now that I am 45 I can accept being that age, which is good. The smaller side of 45 felt better than the larger side at the time.

Wednesday: Another nice meal, that replaces another borlotti bean pasta recipe we use. It is much more smooth. Good reading material. The girls didn't get wet when they came out of school, the rain held off until this morning.

I found some recipes and also had some fun on the Edgell site, as I use canned legumes. These will keep me going for two days mealwise. In the meantime I will write a list to work around the Christmas hamper deliveries. Today would have been my normal shopping day.

Some of my posts earlier this week have some of these things in more detail. A little bit of a double-up for those who have already read them.

Count Your Blessings Word Search by Kim Klassen
Count Your Blessings Word Search


Dorothy said…
I like this post! Is this just your personal thing or is it hooked up with others? Also, how do you do it? Add to it each day until the week ends on Thursday? I might like to try it.
Linda said…
It can be found here:

I will probably link mine in this afternoon, it usually becomes available about 2pm.

Here is the information for it.

Mine is probably not typical. Here are last week's to look at.

Of course you click on the green names to visit their posts.
Linda said…
If anyone wants to go straight to the page, look for last week's post on my sidebar and click on the flower graphic to take you there.
Out Back said…
Wow Linda, you have been busy while I have been away. I have so much to read.

Today I have started to catch up on blogs because the child I look after is absent today. I still have some reading of yours to do, will be back later.


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