Spring Reading Thing 2009

Yes, I am anxious to sign up for a new reading challenge, after completing the Christian Reader's Challenge on the 30th April.

I will be able to put all the books that I haven't read in one place so when I want to reserve a book at the library I will have a handy reference.

Please visit Callapidder Days to check it out, first post here.

The challenge goes from March 20, through June 20.

A Touch of Grace, Lauraine Snelling
Sophie's Dilema, Lauraine Snelling
The Parting, Beverly Lewis
The Forbidden, Beverly Lewis
October Song, Beverly Lewis
Anne of Green Gables
Believing The Dream, Lauraine Snelling
More Than A Dream, Lauraine Snelling
A Dream To Follow, Lauraine Snelling
The Novelist, Angela Hunt
The Pattern of Her Heart, Tracie Peterson
A Love Woven True, Tracie Peterson
The Jewel of Gresham Green, Lawana Blackwell
Remedy for Regret Susan Meissner
Sweet Violet, Catherine Palmer

15 novels/7 weeks. I don't think I will get them all finished, so that is good because I won't run out of reading material for our winter, which starts on the 1st of June.


scrappy quilter said…
I think I just might sign up for this. I'll do it on Monday. Happy reading!!

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