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The things that stand out in my mind about our home production lately are three things, the costume my son made, the dress my eldest daughter made, and the dog kennel my middle daughter and my husband made.

As you can see he liked it right from the word go. The kennel was made from materials left over from the things our builder ordered to fix things on the house, and also some wood that was used to hold lattice before we took it down. In other words materials we already had. Read more about it here.

My Mum made the main costume for Leafeon. My son made the other things, with some advice now and again. Read about it here.

My daughter's dress is from a New Look Pattern in green and black, view pattern here.

My skills (mostly my Mum, my school and my Nana taught me, and my step-Mum):

sewing (no I haven't learnt to thread up my new machine)

do I use them, not a lot. However, the knowledge is still used in other ways I suppose.

new things:

learning to use Vietnamese mint in a salad, from the garden

learnt to bake with fresh raspberries and made up our own cookbook for next time

learnt to bake with coconut milk

my husband learnt to blind hem on the machine, and our son learnt to do buttonholes

learnt to make apple sauce (like tomato sauce)

made a tea from pineapple sage

Pineapple Sage recipe here

We do things at our home like:

Have our own rosemary that we pick to add to sausages to make pasta instead of buying rosemary in a plastic sleeve

Make our own jam, pickles, sauce and chutney from jam melons, apples and gifted plums

Make our own wood piles by cutting the wood ourselves for heating

grow our own raspberries

repair sagging plaster

do our own landscaping

grow Jerusalem artichokes

fix damaged curtains and rehang them perhaps in a smaller window

find two of the same thing at the tip, like barrows and vow to make them into one

find ash bucket at the tip and vow to put on a handle

find guttering at the tip and vow to put it up and fill any holes with car bog

use ebay to find preloved curtains

use existing shower rail ends and buy pipe to make use of the hard part of the door at the edges

fit our own pipes that have burst on the car

sand our own floorboards

This is all recent and you can read about the details here.

It has been a long time, but I am back watching Better Homes & Gardens TV show again and finding it an inspiration. I am watching the ones on Pay TV. Click here for highlights.


scrappy quilter said…
You guys are doing great in your home production. Great list!!

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