30 Day Throw Down

Monday 14th

Breakfast: Weetbix, Weatharts, sultanas (golden raisins) & milk
Lunch: Toast with luncheon meat from a large knob
Afternoon tea: possibly iced coffee milk made at home Bickfords
Tea: Pork Mince & Cabbage Stir-fry, it was delicious with Chinese noodles (I didn't realise I actually left the chipolatas in the freezer so had to think of something else)
Supper: An over-generous amount of peanuts

Tuesday 15th

Breakfast:  Pecan Muesli
Lunch:  Left-over Pasta with Sausages & Rosemary
Afternoon Tea:  chocolate, small banana
Tea:  Left-over Pork Chow Mein, toast

From the 30 Day Throw Down blog.


Out Back said…
Hi Linda,

I have put a link to Dr Fuhrman website on my blog if you want to take a look. I have bookmarked it for later when I have more time to have a look.

daharja has left some information for you in my comments for The Superfoods post.

Keep up the good effort with your 30 day throw down.


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