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FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... very tall rose bushes

I am thinking... it is quite peaceful so not much, except a little about my husband travelling back from the bus stop though he has stopped midway at our other house at the moment, it is a very hot day today

I am thankful for... asking my husband to look for a particular bulb I was given, he then said he found some gladioli bulbs that have to be planted by the end of December. They are shooting, so I think it is a good save. He has been working on a new garden bed, so will put them in there. Pretty hot work today though. Hopefully it won't take long.

I am wearing... bright pink boards shorts, sleeveless shirt

I am remembering... going through my youngest's baby photos as she has limited real photos that aren't digital and she felt a little left out

I am going... my daughter is still after that trip to the regional centre on food shopping day.

I am reading... Lori Wick, Cassidy.

I am hoping... my son has all he needs to manage, I think he has, though it is a new suburb he has to get used to now

On my mind... his food, he has lots though, in a box we left in his wardrobe, when my husband was there last

Noticing that... my hamper food must be nearly all finished, and I actually look forward to cooler weather and travelling to buy food, well this is sort of long term, I will enjoy it after the school holidays finish, and that is at the end of January near Australia Day, which is my 25th wedding anniversary

From the kitchen... something with Cornflake crumbs in it, a kransky dish, a topping on our tea/dinner. Earlier my husband packed him lunch with baked ham cut, with homegrown cucumber. Boy, did that smell nice. Like being in Mum's kitchen with cold meat and salad. Yum.

Around the house... my second son's bedroom doesn't look like it is his anymore and he was only here this morning. By the time he took his laptop, case and school bag, and part of his bedding, it looked like any other room. We plan to take out the remaining boxes of his stuff and tape them up ready for when my husband visits him when uni starts, in February. The offers of uni places come out in ten days.

One of my favourite things... today my speed has been slowed on the internet, so fast internet would be a favourite

From my picture journal... I think this was taken at China Town, Little Bourke Street, Melbourne. It was taken by my eldest son or his girlfriend. He thought he was in Asia. We had taken him there when he was younger. I plan to take the young girls there next spring if I can. It is a new plan I came up with.

Anyone interested in seeing Costco in my country click here.

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scrappy quilter said…
Great daybook. I read Cassidy already. There are a few more in that series, not sure if you knew that. Hugs
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
You do well with this meme - I can never think of anything to write
How are you coping with the high temps - I believe yours will be worse tomorrow (Tuesday) the cool change can't come quick enough can it
Take care
Linda said…
Hi Carol & Cathy.

It is interesting that Cassidy has a follow on book, I should try to find out which character it is based on.

Cathy, thanks for popping by. Trying not to think of the change, but glad it is coming. My bedding was hot today, not sure our town is registering the true temperature here. Our thermometer always takes high readings.

My son had lots of food today and he has been food shopping. Tomorrow the girls move beds, so not so many of them will be in the hot middle room with little air.

We have a portable spa that I tried out last night, that was good as the bubbles get you used to the cold water slowly.
Jelly Wares said…
What a vision you must be in those BRIGHT PINK board shorts.... Now that would have been a great pic... :)

Take are
Jodie :)

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