Back To Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

No seeds or planting.

Planning for The Future

My husband found a nasty surprise under the ash in the heater. He is going to see if he can buy a new hearth firebrick? Remember we bought the house very cheaply. The fact that the heater fan didn't work should have alerted us, we fixed that right at the start. But we have been using the heater, though the house is not as warm as it could be. We blamed other things. A bit like cars, sometimes it can be more than one thing wrong.

We didn't move in last winter, so many things prevented it, so working on all our jobs while we are living in our normal house.

Working for the Future

My husband applied a little elbow grease to the discoloured chimney pipe I showed you last week. Next a scrubbing brush and sugar soap to the paintwork. Apparently he put back 1 1/2 rows of bricks last week.

Building Community

Today I saw photos of a school reunion I didn't attend, so I feel a little more in the loop.

Learn a new Skill

I asked a few questions of my husband this morning who helped my daughter with her deliveries in the rain just in case I have to help one day.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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