Royal Commission Reaction Meeting in Beechworth

I wonder why that horrible sign wasn't discussed?

Read about what was discussed here.


Jan said…
No comfort there!

And it is the locals who know how to manage the areas, that are ignored, looked on as simpletons by do-gooders and book taught people in govt depts.

Reminds me of a flood last year, in the next town south, and people were ordered to be bussed 100kms one way or the other to areas that were cut off, by a commander about 600kms away, and the knowledgeable locals just went to a local hilltop suburb, as they have done for many years.

Do hope that commonsense does prevail, for the peace of mind and the good of all in the area.

Hugs - Jan
Tatersmama said…
That sign IS horrible, but what do you expect from the fire commission?
They're out of touch with reality and so worried about how they'll be percieved by the media, that they never seem to take the concerns of the locals into consideration.
Miss Eagle said…
I have left my comments about the sign back on the original post. Jan, how I do agree with you. I do a lot of stuff re water and am a member of a number of groups involved in the same. I have the same concerns as you about who knows and who is ignored. I have written about this very thing (in fact, I feel so strongly about it can you hear me stamping my feet as I blog!) and I have posted it on Scribd for everyone to see and read and download. The Link is:

Feedback from readers would be appreciated.

Blessings and bliss

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