Titus 2:4

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"That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,"

I came across an article while looking for a quote from the movie Love Comes Softly. It is very good, it helps me understand something I wrote about one other time here. This is what I wrote about the subject of Titus 2:4 nearly 2 years ago.

My husband looked it up in the Lexicon for me and the word is used like "I am fond of country living" or "I am fond of travel". Like these days when someone asks how do you like you new job, and they might reply "I love it". (I wouldn't use that phrase, always hard for me to think in those terms about something like a job or a place of living, I usually mumble a yes, and then wonder if I really do love it.)

There is: fond of blood, fond of wailing, fond of watching the contest, fond of being in the contest, fond of flowers, fond of your sister or your brother. Yes, they are all in the Lexicon.

It is so modern isn't it? You can imagine people categorised by these fondness for things good or bad. So we have to be categorised as being fond of our husband and children.

Fond of one's husband, conjugal, with a secondary meaning of loving men.

I was reading a teen magazine article that caught my eye recently. It was basically how to get a boyfriend, I think. They suggested a way to be comfortable and being able to relate to men from memory. And that was to know people, other men. Like brothers, father, uncles, so you know how to relate to that half of the human race.

I am thinking at the age now, that perhaps having two sons has helped me with this, or perhaps being married for 24 years and spending many hours in my husband's company.

What I took Titus 2:4 to mean is perhaps we have to love the man part of our husband. You know that lots of woman have been known to say "Men!" I'm not suggesting then they shouldn't help you around the house if you need it.

Now to the article I found:

"And still not know what love is. This may sound confusing. Trust me I feel the same way. I have rattled it around in my brain trying to make sense of it. I think that I finally have it down so I am going to attempt to put it into words for you.

Here is an example that I feel best fits what I am trying to say. Say you have a favorite food. You love this food and order it anywhere that you go if it is on the menu.

No need to choose or decide, cause you know that what you want. But unless you really investigate how it is made, it’s origin, and any other information you can find. You will never truly know your favorite food. Only that it tastes amazing on your tongue.

The same goes with feelings. You an feel something without really understanding why it is you feel that way. Why does love make you feel the way it does? Why does it change the way we think and see the one it’s target for?"


Kristi Riley


Joyce said…
Hi Linda. This verse is one I think about a lot, too. I especially liked this part of your post: "What I took Titus 2:4 to mean is perhaps we have to love the man part of our husband." It reminds me of a book I read once upon a time by Elisabeth Elliot, Let Me Be A Woman. In the book she is giving pre-wedding advice to her daughter Valerie. One thing she says is that You Marry a Man, not a woman. For example, he may not enjoy the same things as your lady friends, and may not be interested in folding the towel neatly on the rack!

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