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FOR TODAY Thursday...

Outside my window... it is dark, but the Christmas lights are still on. Hopefully we will turn them off tomorrow. It is already the evening of the 6th here, wow

I am thinking... about a chapter I downloaded from a novel called Redemption by Karen Kingsbury here

I am thankful for... my daughter working out a nice outfit to wear to church and for my Mum encouraging her to do this. I even gave her my best shoes to wear as I have only worn them once. I haven't swapped shoes much until this year, so not something I normally think of. It is a silvery fitted dress, black shoes with small heel and her cross necklace. Need one of those fancy hair clasps she bought at her Nana's without beads this time, but something black or silver

I am wearing... I have just changed into my daggy cooler clothes, we are expecting a couple of warm nights

I am remembering... a blog post I read called Happy New Year at Kindred of the Quiet Way

I am going... I am lucky I can even drive my car, it is very sick and I am waiting until I can afford to fix it. I did go to the other house yesterday with my husband in the other car and checked out everything. We had moved our good table and couch there to help sell the house. The table looks nice, so that is a relief. Our son is helping his Dad move furniture and things like that while he is on holiday from uni

I am reading... I was really happy today to find my library has bought another series Heirs of Arcadia. I read Song of Arcadia he wrote with Janette Oke and at the end was looking for more to read I think from memory, lovely last story. So hopefully the library will send me The Solitary Envoy soon

I am hoping... I don't have to worry about my daughter at camp, so far so good. It is quite a long way away

On my mind... the work involved to get our house ready, lots of weeding we didn't have a chance to do before, then more painting, lots of travelling, and buying the odd thing and co-ordinating taking things to the tip and getting fill, and making our own mulch and perhaps buying some

Noticing that... Easter daisies are already starting to flower at our new house. And the ox-tongue lily is going to be huge

Pondering these words... "The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth . . . to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." 2 Chronicles 16:9

From the kitchen... lots of sausages and mince from Coles cheap. We were able to have Japanese pancakes with pork mince on them, a favourite

Around the house... my daughter wrote me a note on her new whiteboard/pin board. She is away on a mission and the note was very helpful

One of my favourite things... the jump suits? my daughter and her friend are wearing, my daughter got hers from Valleygirl and her friend, I'm not sure where but it is gorgeous. Seems a good look for young teenagers, they are around going on 14

From my picture journal... December 2009

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