Trinny & Susannah and my recent shopping trip

Recently I was at my favourite op-shop (I posted about it here) back in November while I was on a big trip to the regional centre I got a book from Trinny & Susannah. In it was a mention of the Body Shape Bible that they wrote. I was excited about the book at the time even though it took me awhile to read it. So I ordered the Body Shape Bible from ebay for $20. It turns out the seller was related to a lady in a shop here. Since then I have bought a book from the lady in town for my Mum's Christmas present and Mum loved it. It was a local history. My Mum knows more about where I live than I do lol. She had friends that boarded in my hometown from here to go to school and we visited when I was about 6.

After a bit of hassle I worked out which of the body shapes I am. My husband helped me with it and a friend who researched what short waisted was, you can read about it here.

To give an idea what the book is like I have some links I collected to show my friend.

These are exactly the pictures I was working from. Took awhile but I am happy with my choice now.


Body types

12 shapes of Trinny and Susannah

Trinny and Susannah the goblet for example

body shape bible

What happened was, you know how I detest/"hate" going to the regional centre, mostly because even though I try very hard it is still usually bad for my budget. In the end I walked outside with my last year's shorts on, that looked like Humphrey B Bear so I had to go to get new shorts. My husband took in my black shorts that had two buttons you can use, he moved one lot. That is how I got shopping, with the black shorts. They are still too big. In the end when I tried on the other two pair of identical shorts to the Humphrey ones they weren't as bad, but still I think the new ones are better. They are the same, newer of course, but don't flop down in the crutch as much.

While I was in BigW, I got a size smaller by the way, I found a $10 top that is what Trinny and Susannah suggested for my body type. I also found in my cupboard a t-shirt that I haven't been wearing that is also very good, except perhaps the material too clingy, but not so bad. Both go well with two of the shorts. So I have two half decent casual outfits.

I was able to bypass the shorts in Myer because they either didn't look good on in the dressing room or didn't fit what T&S suggested, which is no pleats and extra material, no belts etc.

My eldest daughter came with me to help. My younger daughter who tends to help me spend her and my money was in town with her friend rather than with us.


Jan said…
Very interesting, I had not heard of a few of those body shapes before... bell... cello... brick, column etc.
Happy New Year.
Hugs, Jan

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