Simple Woman's Daybook ~ May 11

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... yellow silver birch leaves waving in the breeze

I am thinking... it is very noisy in here, Pokemon on keyboard over talking and the Geelong game on the radio or on the computer

I am thankful for... the corellas visiting again, on a tree that has turned colour since the photograph I took, I tried taking another photo twice, but they flew away, my son had better luck with his nice camera. They have been circling the town and making sounds, and I like hearing that too, once I just watched them

From the kitchen... I have that job to do next, very complicated, I have to take the meat home in the Eski

I am wearing... my good jeans, that now have two holes in them, red windcheater

I am creating... my menu plan, I get stuck often on pork sausages

I am going... nowhere I am glad to say, it was quite hectic and energetic last week

I am reading... Anne of Green Gables, I am enjoying it very much, after fairly recently watching the videos on Youtube, link on this post

I am hoping... we continue to make sense of what we want to do with our two houses and how we want to live

I am hearing... talking and the game now

Around the house... my new clothes basket trolley

One of my favorite things... I can't think of anything right now

A few plans for the rest of the week: saying goodbye to our son who is here for a visit

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

See Peggy's blog and join in the fun.


scrappy quilter said…
What a wonderful picture and another great Woman's Daybook.
Regina said…
Hi Linda, nice post.
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
I enjoyed the glimpse into your corner of the world.

The lighting on the rose bush is lovely. Afternoon light? I think that's my favorite time of day.

A visit from your son: that's the best. I'm thankful when our grown children come home to visit, and especially that they WANT to come home to visit!
Linda said…
Yes, afternoon light.

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