Cocky Watch ~ September 5

What are those cockies doing now??

I have heard of them or seen them or galahs in Canberra, and heard of them in Benalla. How hungry are they? You may have to enlarge the photos to see them.

Here are my previous posts about sulphur-crested cockatoos.


Sorry for the confusion!


Denise said…
What gorgeous photos!!!! Such pretty scenery.
Hill upon Hill said…
The bottom photo makes me feel as though I want to walk there, hill upon hill.
okay I am confused, other than the cows, what am I looking for?

Linda said…
If you start on the second one and enlarge it you will see the cockys.
okay, obviously I am some sort of dimwit..........explain to me what a cocky is, and then I'll have a clue what I am looking for....LOL


P.S. I am going to assume its a type of bird?
Linda said…
Yes, they are cockatoos. White, their official name is sulfur crested cockatoos.

I have added links to my other more close up photos in the post.
oh wow, they are a wild creature......I have only ever seen them in a cage before. That's neat.

Gill in Canada
Ah, got it. Beautiful birds.
Linda said…
I'm sorry Monica, I didn't realise that I needed to say sulphur crested for you to look it up if you wanted to. I know I meant to do that, maybe it was around the time of my holiday.

When I was young people I knew had them in cages. I think that is why I follow the flocks around here to see how they behave in the wild.

The few that live around town, one makes a noise flying over that almost sounds like talking. I wonder if he has ever been in a cage? Probably not, but it is interesting. I think that one may have a personality, but that seems far fetched too, but you never know, the caged ones are wild ones originally, or where when I was little.

The flock I knew when I was little came to eat walnuts from a neighbours orchard, and he had a fake gun sound to scare them. I also heard them in the background a few years back when my Mum lived on a hobby farm.

The ones sitting in the garden in one post seem so big!

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