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I think I'll continue on from my last Life As I See It post. We get paid every fortnight, in my last post we had just been on a shopping trip on the Thursday. A fortnight later and I was back on a big shopping trip on yet another Thursday, two days ago. It is interesting reading it back to find my daughter and husband saw an echidna that day, as I saw one eight days later just ambling across a very green lawn near the interstate, see post.

My son and his girlfriend must have enjoyed our second son's stay with them. They are hoping he gets to go to uni in their city. We are getting ready for a return visit. The ENTER scores come out on the 14th.

I have had a few of these gigantic feeling shopping trips. I think perhaps I have nearly finished, my daughter needs some shoes for her Christmas outfit. Will work on that. Maybe I can measure her foot and get the matching shoes from Pumpkin Patch.

I have been very remiss on my photo taking. I was pressing buttons all over the place taking photos of the echnidna without my glasses on, and I don't think it has been working well. I did take a photo of a ghost tour bus. Then I realised there was a person in the car so couldn't post it. I'm not going to read that site too deeply, I'm not really into that sort of thing, but thought the car was interesting. You don't see those things here, but we do have "The Van From Snowy River". Mind you I love the old hospital site in Beechworth. My GGGrandparents were married in Beechworth. We took pictures of a Spongebob playdough, with Mr Potatohead like eyes (too scarey) but the flash didn't work, so work to be done on the camera.

It was my daughter's eighth birthday on the day of this shopping trip. One of the biggest disappointments with living here, is going out on a big day like that, 2 1/4 hours there and back, everything timed so as to not waste time, and not having time to debrief when I get home. Life goes on, tea/dinner is made, kids go to bed. Albeit that our daughter went to bed a little later that night as she was playing with her new toys. Her brother chose some, he reckons he picked the best presents.

The high school graduation came and went. I should have taken a picture for that too. There were two events happening at a time at our household that night. I had to stand in our little girl for her big sister so was working out what she could wear. The above mentioned shoes would have been handy. There was a mix up with the dates, so she had to be somewhere else. Today they are at youth group having a lovely swim and a BBQ. It is still cool here, at least inside.

I finished my Sandra Dallas book about the Depression. All I have with me now is a River Cottage book called Everyday. It is very nice though, not what I expected. It is practical and there is lots there if you like a good read. I actually liked the breakfast section, and then lunch and the fish.

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Pauline said…
The Everyday book you mentioned sounds interesting... is it actually a cookbook? Great to read about what you are up to in your end of the world "O) Life sure can get busy this time of year!!
Blessings to you
Linda said…
Hi Pauline. Yes, it has a recipe on each double page. It is a big book.

Off to read about your pantry!

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