Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... not sure, seems cloudy to me

I am thinking... I'm glad I have bought vegetables already for my menu as I have been using some of the other hamper things. Also I did one menu in advance, since I have been sick it is going to make things a lot easier, all I have to do is order more vegies tomorrow and eventually make up a new list

I am thankful for... feeling so much better today, I was starting to worry I wouldn't be able to do my bills etc. Something is better than nothing

I am wearing... comfortable pants for when I have to lie down to rest my back, the weather has turned cold again

I am remembering... my teenage years, not many new memories are surfacing lol

I am going... hopefully further than the house and my room which is how it has been since Saturday morning

I am reading... just finished Irish Chain by Earlene Fowler, it was just what I needed to read at the right time

I am hoping... to get the photos my daughter took on my machine so I can share some with you

On my mind... only happy things to keep me going

Noticing that... it has been a very long spring

Pondering these words... to the song I posted earlier

From the kitchen... Ricotta & Rocket Quesadillas with Fried Egg

Around the house... I still have my pumpkin lights up

One of my favourite things... youtube

From my picture journal... my favourite rose

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Country Music Pic

Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 24 - 30

~ butterflies must have hatched because they are floating by everywhere. How lovely.

~ my blessings include the fact that I was able to cope with my latest problem with my back. I was concerned I would have to go to hospital. Would appreciate any prayers. I had a shower today which is what made it especially bad, I tried having a shower too early in my recovery. I have a step in bath.

~ I am thinking how much God loves me. I have had some amazing chain of events, and I am thankful for that

~ my back problem occured when my husband was rarely at home and he could look after me, amazing isn't it?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... it is dark now

I am thinking... just feeling nice because it is evening and quiet and I have Justin Bieber's song Pray playing

I am thankful for... how lovely my house and garden look today, the other house, even though it is not exactly as far advanced as we would like

I am wearing... good jeans, old t-shirt with NZ Downunder on it, I got it at the op-shop lol

I am remembering... how lovely the scenery was coming back from the other house, beautiful clouds, lots of wildflowers a yellow flower in the grass, green grass, just beautiful, interesting things in the river which is up, evidence of flood water's past

I am going... probably no where, but last time I said that I did lol

I am reading... Irish Chain by Earlene Fowler

I am hoping... I deal with paperwork that has come in the mail

On my mind... the storm that was in Melbourne, maybe it will come here later, I think though it is going in another direction this time

Noticing that... we had heavy rain again today, it was very dark this morning

Pondering these words... none that I remember

From the kitchen... we are having a family pie from the Christmas hampers that are now in our freezer

Around the house... a Christmas dress that I got from ebay for my daughter either for the day or for her Christmas concert at school, it is white with red stars and jewels

One of my favourite things... my lavender bushes the modern small ones, the flowers on the onions that you can see out the window

From my picture journal... for those who have ever wondered how that bed that we made one winter turned out. It is the one near the pickets, we made another bed later one. This rose was saved from its position in our current house where the dog enjoyed chewing it back to nearly one stick. I went there today and it is different again, lots of pretty lavenders. They finally came into their own. I should have taken a new picture I had the camera with me.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 23

~ a very kind person stood near my car when I was in my hometown and guided me out of the carpark, he was like an angel, I felt very blessed, and longer haired young man
~ I got two nice books from the op-shop on my way there. One from Triny and Susannah, hopefully it is nicer than watching the silly things they say, but full of advice. Another a cookbook that we use often so I can give it to my daughter to use when she leaves home, which may be in a years time

~ was husband was able to get paint from the regional centre for our house, we can't buy it here in the type of paint we want

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 21 & 22

Blessed and thankful about:

~ I went for a 4.5 hour drive yesterday, half there and half back. On the way home I noticed lots of fields of dandelions, beautiful
~ the kindness of the people looking after my teeth
~ I appreciated the trouble they go to there to update their colour schemes in their building, beautiful
~ that it didn't cost more than I had
~ that I found some music I really enjoyed to play on the trip home
~ that my daughter could handle the Chrisco delivery
~ that my husband and I got to travel together for part of the way, because it was early it was nice he was driving, it cut my total drive time down

on Sunday
~ I got something off my chest that had been there for a long time
~ my middle daughter came back from a weekend away looking calm and happy

Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 20

Blessings day 20:

~ I found a forum with pictures of the paint colour my husband and I are using for our home to sell. It gives a good idea of what people like, view it here

~ I was encouraged by this picture. If anyone is losing heart thinking of new horizons even by accident or thinking about what other people do and if it is right, check this picture out. Does it remind you of your husband at one point? Think others would ever look like this? Need reminding of the good times?

~ the bush birds were beautiful today. You can't always hear them when you live in other places.

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods:
It was 29°C today

Things that make me happy:
talking to old friends

Book I am reading:
no novel yet, still working on my pile so I will chose one

What I am enjoying on TV:
no TV

On the menu for dinner:
had dinner now

On my To Do list:
I think I have caught up on a things for a few days

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
Mustard Pork with Honey Pumpkin Mash I hope it is like having honey mustard chicken from a jar with potato and pumpkin on the side, we love that here, haven't had it recently though

In the craft basket:
no craft

Looking forward to this week:
just having some quiet time

Tips and tricks:
no tips today

My favourite blog post this week:
"Julia the Confused" - patron saint of Australian feminists..
Clothes are inevitable
The Eve of Destruction (about room makeovers)
Plain dress November - Plain Beautiful a must read if you are feeling old and ugly
Plain dress November - Plain Peace need to take all of that post on board
Novelty Gardening check out Tracy's rice paddy in a bath! I know some of you have already.

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers):
Kindred of the Quiet Way, I found this blog at Ganeida's Knots. Ganeida mentioned Ember and I have been happily reading blog posts over there. Ember lives in England, has five children.

No words needed: taken 8 or so days ago, you can't even see where they took the grass from to make the hay

Lesson learned the past few days:
special things can happen

On my mind:
My daughter talking to her halfbrother on facebook for the first time

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
nothing that comes to mind

This meme is from Sandra's blog.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Anyway Project

The Anyway Project can be found at The Chatelaine's Keys, another post here. It is a more towards greater resilience.

Domestic Infrastructure - these are the realities of home life, including making your home work better with less, getting organized, dealing with domestic life, etc…

Dealing with domestic life. Hmm. I don't know if I dealt with it, or it dealt with me. The car incident, despite being really calm, I must have upset my husband. As I said, he felt the need to explain how the car brought about a huge bill. Thankfully half of it is paid for, which we kept for the bill, so not sure exactly why we are upset really once I said that just then.

Anyway the upshot is that I got upset. I usually haven't been sleeping, but it is crying or anything like that added to it that makes things hard. It brings upon things like not being able to cope with light, noise, stuff like that.

After reading Ember's post on love though I found myself nodding. It all helps calm down again doesn't it?

Household Economy: Financial goals, making ends meet, saving, barter etc…

Anyway that was Wednesday night. My husband was asleep, it was a thought I had that made me cry. Thursday was payday. By Friday I had paid the essential bills, had the shopping list done, menu done, etc. etc. but I got tough. Paid the car bill, and said to my daughter no excursions. Why? Our domestic life is very much affected by our work, and location, which is essentially the same thing. We have to life by the life standards of others as they affect what we have to do too. My money plan has been revised probably four times, I don't know, but in the end I got beaten accidently as my daughter needed a script filled. But it was nearly there. I ordered hampers at the start of the year not knowing why I needed them, but they are always handy this time of the year. I know on Monday I will have some frozen food in the freezer, and later on in the week, more. I have ordered one for next year, but need to work out which ones I have already started paying for and order another. By ordering it this week, I can tell this time next year what I want to see in my hamper going on what is happening around us now.

Resource Consumption : in which we use less of stuff, and strive to live in a way that has an actual future.

Well, during the budget rethink which is to make sure my bills are paid in the following month, clothes became an issue. I had already picked out some clothes that matched what my youngest had to order online to save going shopping again. Last time she was out of school and only came home with one pair of shoes. However, I have since tried on her togs, and really they still fit. Got one dress new from ebay for Christmas and that is it. Cringed when she came out of school with her sports clothes on, but really they were not so bad. This time of year is horrible for wanting new things isn't it? My older daughter has a new job, so she can buy the swimmers and shorts that she wanted.

I participated in a discussion about clothes here.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence:: The things we do that prevent us from needing to buy things, and the things we produce that go out into the world and provide for others. Not everyone will do both, but it is worth encouraging.

I think being realistic about the budget helps. I am not sure what finally made me snap. I think you have to get determined.

Family and Community: Pretty much what it sounds like. How do we enable those to take the place of collapsing infrastructure?

I expect this year we will be going to a gym awards night, and a Christmas concert, I mean this rest of the school year. Because of the difficulties with work this time of year, others take time off, work part time, go away early, which leaves the full time ones which are few very overburdened. My husband says he is given time for this so we work around it. However, it is not a time for me to feel overly outgoing. I don't feel like I need to wear sunglasses today though.

Outside Work: Finding a balance, doing good work, serving the larger community as much as we can, within our need to make a living.

Outside work we have discussed. My husband says that he is not prepared to talk to his boss about this. His workmate has been. So last night for example my husband was at work until midnight preparing work to cover for the fact he is going to a conference next week. Tomorrow he has to work to cover this too. I don't mind, it is coming from our painting day, but my daughter helped out today and they got the room finished.

Time and Happiness: Those things without which there’s really no point.

I have five more novels, rather six to read. I find this is comforting. I also am enjoying just going really slow. I will feel a lot happier once I have been to the dentist, yet again. I am avoiding crinkle cut chips atm, torture. Lots of money in driving there.

I found this about the project:

My friend Pat Meadows, a very, very smart woman, has a wonderful idea she calls “The Theory of Anyway.” What it entails is this – she argues that 95% of what is needed to resolve the coming crises in energy depletion, or climate change, or most other global crises are the same sort of efforts. When in doubt about how to change, we should change our lives to reflect what we should be doing “Anyway.” Living more simply, more frugally, using less, leaving reserves for others, reconnecting with our food and our community, these are things we should be doing because they are the right thing to do on many levels. That they also have the potential to save our lives is merely a side benefit (a big one, though).

This is, I think, a deeply powerful way of thinking because it is a deeply moral way of thinking – we would like to think of ourselves as moral people, but we tend to think of moral questions as the obvious ones “should I steal or pay?” “Should I hit or talk?” But the real and most essential moral questions of our lives are the questions we rarely ask of the things we do every day, “Should I eat this?” “Where should I live and how?” “What should I wear?” “How should I keep warm/cool?” We think of these questions as foregone conclusions – I should keep warm X way because that’s the kind of furnace I have, or I should eat this because that’s what’s in the grocery store. Pat’s Theory of Anyway turns this around, and points out that what we do, the way we live, must pass ethical muster first – we must always ask the question “Is this contributing to the repair of the world, or its destruction.”

I should probably refrain from commenting like I did about the book Radical Homemaker. I am reminded about the post Ember wrote called Plain Peace. I feel I have said too much about what is going on in my life, but you are probably wondering why I went quiet. Blogging seems such a therapeutic thing to do though, as long as I feel I am not upsetting my blogging friends.

BTW, my online friend shared a link to an intelligence test, which is for research so it is a proper test, you just need a password. I am wondering if you score well, if it makes you more able to sort out complex issues in life or not, like working out how to save money and juggle things. A lot of the test is process of elimination, or maybe that is just me. See what you think. It pays to read the instructions well.

Back to Basics Challenge

From November 12 (Friday):

Sowing seed or Planting

My husband was given some tomatoes plants and he planted those, yes, in the rose garden again.

Planning for The Future

This morning my husband and I were discussing our basic stuff ups. It is hard not to think of them isn't it?

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Anyway, on thinking about this post, I was thinking about Independence Days and relating it back to the conversation. My car in particular. My car in the end we decided, like anything, you have to look after yourself. I was asking my husband if our garage was sorry I had to spend $1,600 for nothing to find out it is most likely the gas converter which is the problem. I think my husband has spent at least five conversations going over with me how we got to this point of spending the money, the bill came last Wednesday I think. The upshot is how you have to look after yourself. The garage and my husband decided that we should bypass the gas and use petrol. If no water goes into the fuel line, the gas place will be told to put a new converter in, when eventually we get the money. Twice we have been turned away, three times work has been done on the motor.

Working for the Future

The top coat for the paint in the dining room is on. I wish I could see it. Hog Bristle is mentioned in this forum post, with pictures.

The chimney has been taped up with heavy duty plastic we had, luckily. It has rained I think. We have put plans on hold to go and buy new cap etc. for the chimney.

Building Community I went to collect my daughter from Christmas Craft at the church hall. I was chatting to some lovely ladies. My highlight was a lady who had just come in from a shearing shed to pick up a girl, she did roustabout work there.

Learn a new Skill

Working at being better at looking after my own car, as in filling it up myself. My husband and I had a talk about it, and I should take it further sometime soon. It is a skill that has lapsed, just need to do it really.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog. I have been over there and noticed The Anyway Project on the blog I mentioned earlier called The Chatelaine's Keys. Here is Belinda's post about it. It sort of fits in with the start of my post.

The new categories for the Anyway Project are:

Domestic Infrastructure - these are the realities of home life, including making your home work better with less, getting organized, dealing with domestic life, etc…

Household Economy: Financial goals, making ends meet, saving, barter etc…

Resource Consumption : in which we use less of stuff, and strive to live in a way that has an actual future.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence:: The things we do that prevent us from needing to buy things, and the things we produce that go out into the world and provide for others. Not everyone will do both, but it is worth encouraging.

Family and Community: Pretty much what it sounds like. How do we enable those to take the place of collapsing infrastructure?

Outside Work: Finding a balance, doing good work, serving the larger community as much as we can, within our need to make a living.

Time and Happiness: Those things without which there’s really no point.

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Days 17 to 19

I have been giving this 30 days of Thanksgiving a lot of thought. It has been helping me. I have been giving lots of things though actually which is good. In part because of what has been going on in our family in traditionally one of the busiest days of the year for us since living here. Also because of the novel I was reading. I particularly want to think more about my last year's posts and reading about what is called the tender grace of the day now dead.

Blessings Day 17, 18 & 19:

~ my computer which nearly died, didn't

~ my daughter had the afternoon off school. It is very complicated, but as you know since about Wednesday I have been worried about shopping, bills, where to shop, it happens a lot. I put my foot down with my daughter about two school related things, her shopping trip, lots of things, and it ended up that she was very sad and cried, and I found it hard. She was home because the kids at school where having a pizza for charity work they had done. They do the charity work, we pay $30 to reward them. Hmm. She was invited to go on a weekend away, so after her school work was done she came home to get ready, less the clothes she wanted to buy. She was very good. She did get some money for the birthday presents etc.

So, while she was buying cards she got offered a new job. She starts at 5am on Monday. I am really pleased for her. At any time she can order clothes for herself.

This is what I wrote last time about tender grace of the day now dead.

Tender Grace a novel by Jackina Stark. From Jackina Stark's website:

"Desperately needing healing, she embarks on a journey to a place Tom had always meant to take her. As she travels from Springfield, Missouri, to Coronado Island off the shore of Southern California, she discovers along the way, through shared experiences with friends, old and new, the “tender graces” God provides each day for those who are willing to see."

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."
John 1:16 NIV

It is her first novel. It is about a 50ish woman who lost her husband to a heart attack. She has her house paid for, her two children, a boy and a girl are grown up. She has two grandchildren. She watches 10 hours of TV a day. She feels dead but alive, I think.

I like the way it was written, as a journal on her computer. She was easy to relate to...

Basically the woman learned to see the tender graces as she called them of each day.

Break, break, break
At the foot of thy crags, O Sea!
But the tender grace of a day that is dead
Will never come back to me. ~ Tennyson

She went on a roadtrip and basically got some perspective on her memories I think. And gave herself an opportunity to see people that she wouldn't have had in front of the TV."

Isn't that so like facebook groups.

Lamentations 3:22-23
"Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions (mercies) never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him."

Every day I know that something special may happen when there is no reason it should. Like the things I am posting for each day for 30 Days of Thanksgiving. Also in the novel, when this subject came up, it was to cheer up the main character. It was not about special surprises, but about small things that make each day tick over. So in the end her life did just that. She was also at peace again after a heartbreak.

At the time I also read New Mercies by Sandra Dallas.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday...

Outside my window... it seems quiet and dull

I am thinking... about a blog post where a commenter said: "What blokes do notice is how a woman is in herself - not just how she reacts to them, but whether she is happy/snappy/serene/morose etc." From here.

I am thankful for... the planning of the bills sort of being finished

I am wearing... old windcheater, a bit chilly this morning, good jeans, wool socks, scuffs

I am remembering... that my husband has to go on a trip on Monday, so it will save him going on a separate trip on Saturday to check out my car, took me awhile to think of that, it pays to talk things through, even by blogging

I am going... no where I think

I am reading... The Elusive Mr. Perfect by Tamela Hancock Murray

I am hoping... that I don't annoy anyone in the near future lol

On my mind... just lunch lol

Noticing that... the pac choy after I saw it last, in a couple of days has flowers that are very tall and yellow, before only one plant had the beginnings of going to seed

Pondering these words... the other day I was talking to someone on the phone. She was saying that she was speaking to her dil of sorts about dils mother who had six kids. Dil is about 45/46. Her sisters all had homemade dresses and they lived on a farm. My Mum lived on a farm with two children, and from her experience she was saying she didn't know how dils Mum did all that she did. Mum mentioned this (I think there was a photo involved that Mum saw with the dresses in it) to another person who is a similar age. She lives in a nice house, has two children. Her comment was "did she work". Imagine what Mum thought of that.

This modern arguement then takes on a new twist that the older women who worked really hard in the home may not be respected, not just the current Mums or ones 40ish. The nearly 70 ones may not be either, which is where their argument falls down in my opinion. I wonder if she really even said it? It is a big deal. (BTW this was written before my other posts and is interesting to add to the discussion.)

I read on a blog Englar Farm lately:

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry

James 1:19

I hope I am still doing this

From the kitchen... Chicken & Broad Bean Casserole (fava)

Around the house... six novels from the library!

One of my favourite things... a box of cocoa in the pantry, we have always had one, but haven't lately

From my picture journal... more native Australian plants, my husband took this photo a week ago

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Days to 14 to 16

I haven't forgotten about this meme, just have been posting a lot and couldn't fit it in.

Blessings: Sunday - Tuesday

~ a really cute cloud
~ Tuesday saw me sitting waiting for my daughter to finish at gym while watching a beautiful sunset, it was stripey, with a bit of yellow near the mountain, which was the last thing to fade
~ my daughter is going to have piano lessons!
~ I was able to put my foot down about going to the regional centre and spending money, this was done with a bit of forward planning, but much much needs to be done

I went to make sure I didn't need to say these things in my Simple Woman post and forgot what I was going to say.

The piano lessons are a big miracle. It has been a big disappointment to me that her lessons where cancelled last year, but my eight year old who still loves the song she was doing when she stopped, can continue on. I was going to be forever upset that moving here had done that. Meaning there are probably more teachers in our hometown, so I am very happy.

~ my daughter who is 17 has been happily singing around the house, even in Indonesian, and the songs were a delight to hear, they were from Youtube and she translated them, but sings them in Indonesian knowing what she is singing.

It is overly dramatic but this is her translation:

you are so perfect
you are so beautiful through my eyes
you always make me want to compliment you

every step i take
...i will always remember you
i can't imagine my life without your love

don't you ever leave me
i can't go through life without you
only with you i can

you are my blood
you are my heart
you are my life
you make me complete
oh my love you are so...

you held my hands
at times when i am weak and down
you whispered the words and drove my worries away

don't you ever leave me
i can't go through life without you
only with you i can

you are my blood
you are my heart
you are my life
you make me complete
oh my love you are so...

you held my hands
at times when i am weak and down
you whispered the words and drove my worries away

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hearts for Home

Last week these were my goals:

1. Green Card
2. Driving Lessons
3. Keeping involved in my daughter's schooling
4. Keeping myself encouraged to keep going

I learnt something today about keeping on going. We were discussing pills today. Such a lot of pressure and sense to take them. So I said to someone who wasn't feeling themselves about it, they said what is the point, it is like drinking. Well said. I don't drink and that is the exact reason. Someone suggested some once to help me calm down or whatever, and that was it, I haven't had any since. Twice at Christmas but it was largely just sitting in the glass, me uninterested.

I was thinking pills could be some sort of civil rights violation really. But I understand it is much more complicated.

I have found out my son's exam timetable now I need to see if there is a day when they are doing the green/white card to see when he can go there and if I have the $100 by then. I don't think I will have the driving lessons by then, maybe I can put it in my bill book, it is more likely to be worked on.

This past week I asked my eldest daughter in advance if she would mind taking a driving lesson on Saturday and help her Dad move furniture and start painting the other house. This has been as issue for me because by the time I ask them they have made other plans. I haven't been able to go to the house with my husband much at all. Some this past Saturday she painted, had fun and they mananged to wash walls, shift furniture and have one coat of paint on.

The next day because less was needed to be done my husband got another coat on by himself, and could have had the first topcoat on except it was too humid to dry. Which was disappointing. However he got a door that cannot be replaced at the shop because of it's size a bit more fixed. We bought the house and parts of the house had been smashed, including this door. He had replaced panels, and this time put on beading and an oldfashioned door knob and lock. So it is nearly ready for painting after a bit more woodwork. (Edited to add if you want to see why white was suggested, there are real pictures of real Australian homes on a wedding forum and all the pics are white, here.)

Imagine these two rooms together with this room yellow, much better in a white, (which won't be as stark as this)?

Goals for this week:

1. I want to open a bank account for my little girl
2. I want to get a library card for her
3. I want to finally help her learn to ride her bike
4. I need to buy some more ezcema balm in case my other daughter's rash gets itchy, she hasn't had ezcema before, I have forgotten how to manage my ezcema because each year after moving here my ezcema got better and better and now I have none and my hands feel nice for the first time in memory

This meme is:

Gae says:

In today’s busy and aggressive society mothers at home are not given much encouragement to be committed to their role in being home.

In my weekly 'Hearts for Home' post I am encouraging myself and others to commit to thinking about what 4-6 things we can do each week to bring our thoughts, prayers and actions to keeping our 'Hearts for Home'.

I am praying that a spirit of gentleness, generosity in thoughts and time along with loveliness and grace would lead us to be all that God wants us to be.

I pray also that each person involved in 'Hearts for Home' would also pray for any others involved as well.

May you be blessed by this initiative. I pray it brings you and your family many blessings.

After visiting Gae I noticed that advent was mentioned. I also have a goal for my little girl to go to the church activity on Thursday (which happens to be my birthday and food shopping day) which traditionally is the Uniting Church's week (thereabouts) for Christmas Craft or Spotlight on Christmas. She has been going to Spotlight once a month but Christmas is special. They usually have a play, afternoon tea and some Christmas craft for the tree or something really special like that. I don't think I am making the big trip as I have done my bill schedule and I think my husband needs to baby the car along on that trip. It has a small petrol tank and we are not using LPG. The idea is to take the big trip, see if water goes into the fuel line on petrol/gas rather than LPG or liquid petroleum gas, which is a gas not a liquid. So I will be able to take her to craft, just need to remember. There is a big sign out the front.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods:
it is a gloomy day again, I have been quoting Eeyore this week lol. Not that gloomy today, I notice the front lawn has lots of clover from this constant rain

Things that make me happy:
Talking to my sons on the phone, when I know what to say lol

Book I am reading:
I will be reading Irish Chain when my parcel arrives from ebay, the second book in the Earlene Fowler Benni Harper Mysteries series, I have read them all except the new one, which I thought Earlene wasn't going to write but must have in the end

What I am enjoying on TV:
I considered watching some but have been enjoying just sitting around instead

On the menu for dinner:
Tuna, Lemon & Rocket Risotto, a last minute thing on the last day of the menu, my daughter had a special request during the week, still the stuff is still coming out of the fridge, cupboard or freezer

On my To Do list:
Make a shopping list from my menu, order Barefoot Investor written by a young Mallee boy stockbrocker (read a review in the RACV magazine and have wanted to buy it since, this was ages ago

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
Chicken & Broad Bean Casserole (fava bean)

In the craft basket:
thinking of buying an easy pattern for my daughter to learn to sew. My son has already booked himself in at Nana's place to learn how to make costumes during the holidays, Mum said she may take him to Spotlight where she lives

Looking forward to this week:
the usual worrying what to buy etc. I am looking forward to that being over, particularly someone running my car on petrol to see if the gas/LPG is OK, it involves a 3 hour drive

Tips and tricks:
for those needing to use up their silverbeet that is going to seed try this recipe. All the kids loved it, it is a rich meal.

Vegetable Pasta Bake

My favourite blog post this week:
an A-ha! moment
something beautiful
Day 13 - Taste, Baked Goods & Electricity has a link to Starbucks Pumpkin Scones, Ann they look lovely

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers):
Janet Rose the two inspirational posts I have read so far are a joy (see above)
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 13

~ last night my little 8 year old daughter asked how to make a dress. She has a secondhand cotton dress originally from Target and it ripped while playing outside. She was worried about it, and being a sewer at heart she asked how to make a dress, she was thinking it out in her head.

~ now she asked for a scone recipe and is making scones. I used the old Cookery The Australia Way, modern scone recipes don't do it for me. Added a note for her to update it that her butter should read 30g. We use two cups of SR flour, 3/4 cup milk

~ my daughter got some driving practise in, which is always an issue to make up the hours required

~ the scones were nice

~ the dining room that was a country yellow is now undercoated. We took a cupboard down and it left a concrete look with an old 70s colour remnant, terrible. So needed to paint the whole room. Was going to match in a colour, love colourful rooms. Even bought some new country yellow, but couldn't decide. Real estate agent helped me decide. The lounge is modern, its bright colour is staying so the next door dining room is an off white that matches orange and purple called Hog Bristle 1/4 strength. Our ceilings are gorgeous 1920s style (house is 40s) maybe it is a 40s style of cover strips across the ceiling. Tall, and some are purple, I think the kitchen and dining room. Thankfully they are staying because I really like them. I didn't paint them though. The yellow may have worked muted down with the purple, sort of French, but not with the next door loungeroom

More Thoughts

Housewife in Tygart Valley Removing Laundry from Clothesline, Her Young Daughter Stands Beside Her Photographic Print

I have a few extra thoughts that wouldn't fit on my comment on Simple Living. We are discussing the book Radical Homemakers.

I was up to here:

"I am not unhappy being at home, but admit to having new pressure to go back to work because my kids are getting older. So I have been thinking about the issue again obviously. Have lots of thoughts about it."

I was on Facebook as you know, mixing with people I went to school with. Most are a year older than me because I went to school early. Perhaps I was a determined child. We had no kindergarten and I was annoying lol and Mum at half year put me in school. By the end of the year I got put up. By the first year of high school (Form 1/Year 7) I was just 11. My the end of Year 9/Form 3 I was tested and found to be in the top group for Form 4 out of 370 kids.

Where am I leading with this, I can relate to the author Hayes' drive.

However, back then in rural Australia, you didn't see our Mum's with credit cards. I think Australia was 20 years behind in the middle class living stakes, but like I said that was possibly rural Australia. Despite the fact people had new cars, I don't think they racked up a huge amount of credit.

I feel that Hayes doesn't need to prove herself anymore. She got the PhD and is happy, she knows herself what she can do. I felt the same myself when I was younger. Even though I hadn't actually proven it.

So now at 47 when I don't live up to Little Jenny Wren's washing dishes by hand and other stuff that my Mum used to do when I was little I have been feeling a bit worthless actually. But I am slowly working my through it. Thank you Tina for your encouragement about this. I know you are right.

Another thing about Facebook is that having people to talk to in the mainstream, which they are because they are a group of people that you went to public school with, you have something to compare yourself to. I often heard that middle aged women can sometimes need extra help to get them through things. I didn't believe it really. I would hate to think I would go to the doctor for something and be dismissed as a middle aged woman and as a case.

Anyway it is true. Some people are still going along OK and some are finding things a bit hard.

At this stage it doesn't relate to staying at home during the day so I will move on.

You do notice though that your life is so much different to the mainstream that you talk to. You notice how they watch TV, go out a lot, lots and lots of lifestyle things. So many. You often have nothing to add, or the shows you watch are not mainstream. Like for example, the 2 million people that watched Packed To The Rafters the other night to watch a funeral, a made up one my husband added to me.

So they work. But they have lot and lots of relaxation time, and relaxation activities.

I am here feeling guilty that I haven't done the 50s housewife stuff. Over a period of time I have noticed things. My Mum (who belongs in the working camp) (and the billardtable lawn camp) will often say (she is in the same situation as Rhonda Jean) things about her washing, her cooking, and it always sounds like a lot of work.

So knowing Mum back in my childhood as a person who did lots of canning, vegetable gardening, sewing, washing floors, dishes, etc. etc. I accept this.

But what you realise after awhile is that, it was only a short period, but it seems longer for kids. You have to take your life as a whole. I have had 8 kids over the period of 27 years. But anyway, I said I wasn't going to justify myself.

Today instead of doing what my school friends are doing, I am babysitting, which to me is bludging, while my husband is painting our other house. Not normal stuff, having two houses by the way. Technically I am a property developer. This is not a label Australians would put on themselves. We think they are some tycoon or whatever. Our next door neighbours house was developed by a property developer before he bought it. It was all very glamorous at the time. But it isn't. And normal people can be one. I critic her work. Yes it was a woman. I walk into shops and I don't look at the merchandise, I look at their ceilings, their paint colours, the state of the other fittings, what they look like, should I buy them, how they have cut corners so as not to do a whole reno.

I digress. I suspect I am a horrible property developer, because the bottom line is never important to me. I enjoy the process more, even though it is horrible at times. I suspect Hayes is a very hard worker. She likes writing a book, it is like writing her PhD, she puts in the hours. Shore, she doesn't like other chained to the sink jobs. I know what it is like because I put in many hours writing my book too, and most people don't do that sort of thing.

When you stop doing this work, you feel funny not doing anything. On the other hand, you read her list of recreational activities and there are lots there. She really isn't a house person at all, more like a farming model. There is no one set house, with two people making sure that they both are fed and can get by.

At a reunion I went to, there was a woman a year older than me naturally, with the same amount of kids. She was very relaxed, very well dressed, her husband came too. All things that I wasn't. She stayed until the end, I had to leave early. Yes, she lived closer. For a bludger that is odd isn't it to have that much discipline on oneself?

Anyway, the difference. She apparently lives on a farm with extended family. I assume they were minding her three children that are still at home. Like me two are away at uni/work in the city. We grew up in the same place. Went to the same football etc.

In town here there are lots of single guys. Not sure what age group they are in, perhaps not late 40s like me, but more the age of the writer Shannon. They are country boys, not new age boys. They have sales/business jobs. They are good looking.

Apparently according to The Age Australia is different, people don't generally marry younger women. I am unusual like that. My husband is 11 years older than me. My husband thinks perhaps that is where I get some of my attitudes from, I am not sure, being married to an old fart lol (his words I think).

So, these guys are not chasing women their own age, or younger ones. Ones that are successful, work and all the things you are supposed to do. Yes, they think I am nice, at least I think so. (Don't judge me on that I hardly go out of the house, and I have pretty much fixed it.) Why. I don't do anything, I am a bludger.

It does show that despite my self loathing spell I have been in, that I am still a valid person, that is getting through to me. I get shocked that my house is worth talking about for example, that it really exists.

And I am not on pills to keep myself going. One of my professional doctor type people said once a few years ago that that was good. He would know.

So I have survived part of my life being a 50s housewife, 27 years married or together, actually we will be married 26 years in January. And I haven't gone on pills yet. Why am I mentioning that? Hayes says being a 50s housewife is a surefire way of getting mental health issues. The answer is in being mentally tough, and independent, but I take her point.

My point? I have nearly talked myself out, thank goodness. If I didn't write it down I think it would have gone around in my head for ages.

Apparently no one except those who have always done it, lives in an old style house that is not open plan these days. I asked someone who knows as my other house is not really open plan, though it does have a few doors off, well two. I moved kicking and screaming from a traditional house to open plan in 2000, as it makes childcare a nightmare without those pokey rooms with doors on lol.

So if older style homes are not an issue anymore in Australia, why is 50s housewife stuff. One would assume that if no one at all (except those who have lived in the same house for a very very long time) lives with a separate kitchen and a small lounge with the lounge chairs arranged a certain way, you know what I mean, that no one at all does the 50s housewife thing.

I know what you are thinking. I know lots of you still handwash dishes, I know lots of you still do all the washing, sweeping of floors, bathrooms etc. etc. It is the Aussie thing to do, like keeping on using a bank instead of a credit union etc. etc.

But still, there must be a difference or why the open plan house? Anyway I don't know the answer to that.

I do know that lots of people my age don't have kids at home anymore. Mum does do extra housework for guests on the weekend.

Interestingly, I came across a picture of an older kitchen or laundry from that time period recently. And it does look like drudgery, even coming from me. I think we all move along in time, even if we are aware of it or not.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Too Conservative, Too Dumb?

I have been having a lovely time reading the many google entries on the subject of Radical Homemakers in order to understand Belinda's point that Simple Living and Radical Homemaking are different.

I put up a link to a blog called Laura Grace Weldon that provided a link to an article. I believe the article very clearly shows my problem. My problem could be me of course, but it shows very clearly nontheless.

It was somewhere near the end of this that I lost it.

"What some people would consider adversity, Nika Franchi sees as a stroke of luck. Franchi and her husband, Ben, were translators who often worked on international business deals until the global recession dried up their livelihood. Now they live primarily off the food they grow on their rented property in North Akron and the money Franchi makes from selling the bread she bakes.They'd long been drawn to the idea of a simpler, self-sufficient lifestyle, she said, but they never had the courage to make the change until ''we were fortunate enough to be cornered into this situation.'' Now their life revolves around home, family and hard but life-sustaining work, and Franchi sees her role as keeping the family together.She's an example of what author Shannon Hayes calls radical homemakers, women and men who are reclaiming the traditional role of the homemaker as part of their desire for a less materialistic life. It's a social movement that's drawing a small but growing number of people — many in their 20s and 30s — who measure the value of their lives not in terms of money, but in such aspects as strong relationships, ecological sustainability and happiness.Hayes said radical homemaking is part of a quest for an economy that generates a living for everyone rather than a killing for a few. ''The idea . . . is understanding what enough is,'' she said in a phone interview from West Fulton, N.Y., where she and her husband are involved in running her family's farm.In a way, it's a move backward. Radical homemakers are embracing skills that were common among earlier generations of women, such as canning, sewing and growing food.But the movement rejects one vestige of the past: the perception of homemaking as inferior work.That perception grew out of the industrial revolution, explained Hayes, who holds a Ph.D. in sustainable agriculture and community development from Cornell University. Until then, labor in the household was divided between the sexes, but those differences did not imply superiority or inferiority, she said..."

By the time I did the quote I was tired and it isn't clear anymore. Maybe it is to someone else. I hope I quoted to where I had to.

Anyway there is a blog post called Are You a Radical Homemaker Failure? I will check out the link and find out.

I think I am a failure. If you can look past sentences about Satan that don't make sense and one swear word, really we have a lot in common.

I still have a corporate mind. I do what the boss says. I like to eat. I tried downsizing. Readers of my blog clearly remember the failed "let's downsize our home and be mortgage free" exercise my husband have been engaging in for three years. The whole thing of moving here (which is the name of the blog) 7 years ago, has brought me to the same tired sounding state of the writer.

Our boss, not corporate is the same as corporate. It takes years of hard work and back covering (by hard work, positive attitute, patience, love, all sorts of things) just to keep a job, because really why pay someone good money if they are not worth it.

So, you think maybe I should have a back up plan of the mortgage free house. Embarassing. We have ironed out some of the houses problems, even saw some very respectable people looking the house over from the outside a couple of weeks ago.

I can't help but think someone should critic this after 27 years of being married working out these things, like me, but someone more able to critic it. The economic crises in Australia was more in the 80s. I had a relative that was a hippy when I was a small girl. I know some of these issues, I lived on a farm. I don't have it to fall back on. I think that is maybe the issue here. Being independent is a big deal, it is everything sometimes. I don't work, but I am not a good homemaker at the moment. I am backing up my family in that climb I suppose. But in town though, I don't try to compete, very tired. It is a small community, one of the issues about radical homemaking. I too am happy just waving to them, if they would let me. The community is part of the problem keeping a job. Maybe Hayes would feel differently if she lived in a farming community that wasn't her own?

Mary Janes Farm

For any who haven't heard of Mary Jane I thought I'd put this video up. I came across it when googling her forum which I have been a member of for a long time. Pictured on this post is a picture of the MaryJane'sFarm magazines.

Simple Living

I have been having an unusual day today. I was on facebook and my daughter said she had watched an M rated movie at her friend's house about paranormal and I got steamed really. I don't often do that. So all day I have been commenting a little on Facebook, but generally trying to keep myself quiet lol.

Last night it was the same, but not steamed, still annoyed though. Happens to me a lot about the same subject so it is not in isolation.

I was reading my book Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes and decided to give it up. After reading my post yesterday, I was wondering (and there may be no answer) why Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall never say they are into simple living? Apart from being English?

This quote from Shannon seems right up their alley "Many people don't even know how to roast a chicken, let alone make a chicken salad from the leftovers or use the carcass to make a stock."

This is an aside, not why I gave up reading it. Another unrelated comment I have to make is that there are lots of very simple meals you can make to avoid Burger King that don't include fresh chicken, pulled apart and the boiling of bones and all the multiple refrigeration etc. that goes on with that.

I think the thing with me is that in the early 80s, I did the Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall thing. I'll give you an example. He goes rabbit hunting. We had an old Holden then. Good for rabbit hunting, you can throw the rabbits in the boot without fear of the lovely carpet, perfectly clean and ready for the grocery bags and other things people carry around in their boot.

We also had lino in the back room. I was very glad to stop rabbit shooting in some ways just because of the back room occasionally having rabbits in it waiting if we came home late or whatever happened.

Still I love rabbit, had a great recipe by Beverly Sutherland Smith for Rabbit with Onions. (Recipe at the bottom of this post.)

I also have done the corporate thing. That is the reason the other stuff stopped. The corporates closed down and moved away, beforehand we were moved on, to working class lives. Before corporate my husband had a year off. My step-children were living with us. He had been a teacher and at the time some were being asked to teach further afield to where they lived. I didn't think I could manage the house by myself under these conditions. We took redundancy. The social security system (which Julia hopefully is able to change) then allowed kids to say they couldn't get on with their parents and they could get their own money. Which meant that any person willing to but in, could encourage children to leave home. And lots of people do this. And they did (either rightfully or wrongfully that is not the point). Seriously before you get ideas, people have opinions on how others raise their children, I did once. But after this I never did again. It is not a game really. People can have opinions on whether teenagers could have a better life somewhere else, usually one sided, and sometimes it can even be girlfriends/boyfriends who suggest it.

So despite Shannon knocking university education, corporations etc. etc. I personally have left my hometown to have a reasonable wage so my kids cannot be influenced by others. I don't talk about it, it is one of those things people keep to themselves. Julia (our prime minister) herself says that kids do better under the family payment system, which means rather than getting their own money. At the moment they can choose, but if you earn too much they wouldn't get enough to live on on their own.

I know Shannon doesn't knock them as such though, well I'd have to give that some thought.

There are lots of other things, I seriously though am not going to align myself to the words simple living as much as I have before. I don't mind the 50s homemaker model, though understand it is not for everybody. I know I am not being fair, because I didn't finish the book. And Americans who have lived the middle class life more than us, would have a better idea how it all turns out.

Didn't I tell you I should have sat on my hands? Anyway, it causes stress to have an opinion about it especially when it isn't popular. But worth mentioning once why I think why I do. Having said that I don't like consumerism, and this journey has brought me accidently to a place that has little shops and is very far away from major chains.

Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 12

~ I had some good news about my car. There are two possibly problems for why I have water in my fuel line. To figure out if it is a plug that is difficult to change, they are bypassing my LPG, running on petrol and seeing how much water I lose on a trip that shouldn't use more than 2.5 litres of water usually. In other words we will know if it is the gas or something else.

~ my husband had some heavy duty plastic here already, didn't have to buy any to temporarily repair the chimney. Now I hope no one lights the fire. Considering how hot it is today, it is not likely (I hope). It was 30°C today.

~ a Christmas present arrived in the mail safely by the looks of it, so I don't have to worry when it is coming, just wait for Christmas to arrive. It takes care of the whole three girls for Christmas

~ got a more realistic list worked out for son's uni enrolment for next year, takes a lot of working out

~ heard cicadas for the first time this year

~ have the windows open a little for some nice breeze

Radical Homemakers Continued

OK I am up to page 13. It was a particularly good page. I could get it. But I had to keep drawing lines for myself. I think I get very caught up in my negative feeling towards words. In this case homemaker in the sense of this book and simple living blogs.

I'll give you example.

"But truth be told, when I crunched the numbers, a farmers' market meal made of a roasted local pasture-raised chicken, baked potatoes and steam broccoli cost less than four meals at Burger King...

Put when push came to shove, I knew that Burger King would win out. The reason? Many people don't even know how to roast a chicken, let alone make a chicken salad from the leftovers or use the carcass to make a stock. Mainstream Americans have lost the simple domestic skills that would enable them to live an ecologically sensible life with a modest or low income...

Eating local, organic, sustainably raised, nutrient-dense food was possible for every American, not just for wealthy gourmets or self-reliant organic farmers. But to do it, we needed to bring back the homemaker..."

So I have to draw lines, insert domestic skills in place of the word homemaker. If you have been watching shows like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Jamie's School Dinners etc. etc. it is all very exciting.

But when I get to words like:

"More than simply soccer moms, Radical Homemakers are men and women who have chosen to make family, community, social justice and the health of the planet the governing principles of their lives..." p13

well I just don't apply it to myself and I get lost. Does anyone else have this problem?

Back To Basics Challenge

From October 31:

Sowing seed or Planting

I had my eyes on a couple of lovely silverbeet plants in the garden that I had been bragging had been there for two seasons. Had the leaves scheduled in for a recipe. Still admiring them then two days later about the time they were due to be eaten, they had gone to seed!!! Anyway, my husband said "she'll be right" and they were. Done and dusted, in the pot.

The pac choy is going to seed too. My Mum said this would happen when I bought it, so we are leaving it to seed down.

Planning for The Future

We have to seriously dry out our chimney by lighting the fire, tape heavy duty plastic on the chimney, and put inside a sign that says not to use it. Go to the regional centre and get the same kind of chimney cap we got for the other house and put it on. Read, do some mortar work. A bit short of cash, so I will have to lift my game.

I have gone a bit crazy and bought my third paprika, this time hot. It will be a bit more challenging to use, it looks like it is an American flavour for spicy southern cooking, any thoughts?

Have a plan in mind tomorrow to start the painting. While I was sitting thinking in my room, I looked at the boards on the wall in the hall and had an idea for painting this house. We are painting the other house as the real estate agent suggested, yes real estate white. But I am using a colour called Hog Bristle 1/4 strength that is a current colour. Also I saw it in a Freedom catalogue a little while ago, then collected things from the paint shop etc. Since it goes with orange and purple in the catalogue, which there is some of at the other house, and brown, the same applies here. So I am all excited. Sort of a muted version on the current Taubmans Desert Spice idea, much watered down. Walls white.

The local paper has a ad how to keep in touch during the fire season. My husband says he has the same thing in the shed that just needs a battery or something, a fitting. I have been wanting a working radio in my car since I bought the car and my husband said my current CB is not good in all areas. I have wanted them changed over. I keep mentioning these things since I cried last year after a false alarm. My Mum says that the conditions of the bad fires of Kinglake (read 46°C) won't happen again, but last summer we had hot winds that caused the Ournie fire, both powerline related. I have a question for people that are following the politics in Victoria, if the Liberals get in, are they obligued to keep the promise to spend money on maintaining the powerlines?

My husband plans on buying a new kind of wood splitter (like an ax) to split the bluegum as it is very tough. Yes, in this place we actually shouldn't have wood lying around during fire season.

Working for the Future

We bought the industrial cleaner to clean our chimney that we have finished, not sure if it was the one originally suggested to us, need to actually do it though.

I am thrilled with the plant I bought at Bunnings that was a paint box one, a white fluffy salvia. I don't regret spending the money and look forward to how it fills out the garden for when the house is on the market.

Building Community

Reading Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes to help me understand others.

Learn a new Skill

I was able to convince my eldest daughter to go to the bank on her way home from school and activate her new card. It all helps. Now I want to open a credit union account for my eight year old girl as they have a school link now.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.

Radical Homemakers

I have a question for you?

How does someone who is in their late 40s, a woman, read Radical Homemakers? A book Rhonda Jean suggested reading. I know lots of you are regular followers of the blog. Has anyone read the book yet?

I start, get interested, then stop again. It is going to take a lot of perserverance to read it.

It started off great, about 5 maybe pages in I was lost (the above link I have linked to click like the picture on the real page). Started again this morning, and her life story doesn't ring true. Why? I guess that happens when the writer is 12 years younger than me, a different generation. I can relate to rural New York, that is not a problem, my husband has been there, can relate very well. It was still backwards 10 years ago, yes it does have a lot of interstate on off ramps.

Then I flick through to this page:
"Their "guilt" is indicative of a slippery double standard in our culture: those who garner exorbitant salaries by everaging and manipulating all sorts of resources in the marketplace (incuding government funds and other people's money) are regarded as "successful," while those who use the very same skills - entreepreneurialism, acumen, opportunism, and efficiency - to live without profiteering are regarded as "ne'er-do-wells," "slackers," or "mooches." Further, those who achieve their wealth and success "independently" through the conventions of the extractice economy are ultiately reliant upon someone's labors or have exploited some other resource..."

How true is that. Very true. And the secret to perhaps peace where my life is concerned, though there is to be lots of thinking about it done yet.

Anyway, I guess it is a case, if I want to learn something, perhaps improve myself I will have to try again. At my age, you get to a point where you cannot dismiss the 30 year old people anymore. They are adults and real men and women, meaning the men are real men etc. I guess I should mix more lol.

Any encouragement to read it would be appreciated, because often I read the blog for example and I can't imagine the things that are left unsaid. Because I stopped working at 20, I guess this is why it happens.

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 11

Blessings for 11th November

~ Radical Homemakers is ready to pick up at the library. This book was mentioned by Rhonda Jean.

~ I was able to reserve lots of novels with the library. The list I went through the same as before, but found some new things to put down. Even if some turn out not as good as I thought, I still have lots to read I think.

~ my boys were really lovely to me today, it was special

~ heard news of some justice or fairness of some kind, it gives hope

~ had some thoughts about things that have been bothering me for years, why things happened the way they did, seems all part of a heavenly plan

~ the book I got from the library helped me sort out some things about my second and third blog, particularly the third one. Simple Living is the theme of the book, but it is not quite me. That is the theme for my second blog. Home is the theme of the third which is more me. So my theme for the third is my kind of simple living or homekeeping like the meme I am doing now

do you know at the start this this particular day I couldn't see how a boring day could end up holding so many blessings!

My Greatest Blessings Art Print

Thank you Lord.
"Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness." ~ Psalm 48

Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Remembrance Day

~ I was combing my hair looking out the window and saw a perfect stripe in the sky. Navy for the mountain cut in a straight line with white of the clouds which were flat on the top with blue, pretty nautical colours in straight lines

I must admit, it is Remembrance Day today, and I am not fully aware of the meaning of this video, but I today give thanks for the same things.

To visit the host blog click here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 10

~ Yesterday my husband and eldest daughter came home for lunch. When they got back into their car, they actually saw a swarm of bees around the old shed over the road. It must have been something as my daughter was a little worried. I like the thought of the bees though. My Grandpa used to collect unwanted swarms and put them in bee boxes.

~ Yesterday my husband had a telephone call, and afterwards we were able to sit at the table and have a proper adult conversation without being interrupted though I was always conscious of it

~ I found the Hearts for Home meme

~ Glorious cloud formations and even sky colour near them today and a pretty cloud yesterday, even my middle daughter pointed out the same cloud

~ Last night my husband said I had a sense of humour and that I was funny, and he either didn't remember or hadn't seen it for a long time

To visit the host blog click here.

Hearts for Home Meme

Yesterday I was on Facebook, I am in an admin group for a reunion of people who are middle aged from our hometown. So I am on Facebook more, though things have settled into a more normal pattern there now that it has settled into something. I have a friend who I didn't actually meet in our hometown at the time, but who I have come to know on Facebook. He is friends with some people I have caught up with at another reunion that was held in July. We had been talking on Facebook and the reunion came from that. At the reunion we were able to mention what we had said on Facebook and that kept conversations going. Meeting in person, has now helped on Facebook. This then has helped us to admin this group. Make sense?

Anyway, he wrote he was trying again for a job, or with the company he had already applied for a job with. I sometimes go on the JSeeker site looking for casual work in Canberra for my son. That is how he came to be living with his brother actually. He went for a job interview, didn't get the job, but they asked him to stay with them.

So yesterday I looked for my friend, this led to finding a job that I was already aware of but wanted to describe to my husband. It is manual labour, which our son can do because he has been helping his Dad with renovations. This is for casual work. So I sent it to my husband, a link. He then researched how to get the green/white card. I hope we can follow that up.

Then I found a job my daughter can apply for locally for casual work. She has finished a two year hospitality course on top of her Year 10 and Year 11 workload. At the end of last year I didn't want her to finish her second year really. But at this time of year the teachers spend a lot of time talking to the kids and they talked her into it, and I guess me too.

So last night I discussed the job with her, it was cleaning tables, a small amount of bar work and making things too, I guess simple things to serve. It was an entertainment venue.

The upshot of it was that she doesn't want to have to serve alcohol, which is the reason I didn't really want her to continue last year. I find my mother role is taken from me from a group of teachers quite a lot. But really I suppose it was still my decision in the end. This year we have stated our preferences for subjects more clearly I hope.

So I did the research and I don't think she will be applying, but I feel happy I tried to help her with a job.

I heard about a man who is living in the same city as my boys, with the same difficulties. Those being where to live, studying at uni, and getting a drivers licence, with parents 3 1/2 - 4 hours away, in a different State. Earlier on this year I was quite upset as our son had to apply to be put on the lease with his brother. Apparently he should have been on it since he turned 18. So far it is working out. This person wasn't ever on a lease and hasn't got one even yet, he is older than my boys. Hasn't got a licence, which is understandable. I was able to work out after arranging for driving lessons that he got credit by demonstrating his ability that he got driving here before he left home and on holidays. Which is the stage that our second son is now at. I really have to try to put money towards starting him and lessons and seeing if he too can get credit for the skills he already knows and not have to finish his Victorian hours.

I just need to see (so blessed to hear about this other person) that I really need to be his support. All the time and not drop the ball. So far away and he doesn't see us a lot. Will be home in December though, unless of course he gets a card and can work. He hasn't worked before so it is a priority to get him started. So easy to just put things off.


1. Green Card
2. Driving Lessons
3. Keeping involved in my daughter's schooling
4. Keeping myself encouraged to keep going

This meme is:

Gae says:

In today’s busy and aggressive society mothers at home are not given much encouragement to be committed to their role in being home.

In my weekly 'Hearts for Home' post I am encouraging myself and others to commit to thinking about what 4-6 things we can do each week to bring our thoughts, prayers and actions to keeping our 'Hearts for Home'.

I am praying that a spirit of gentleness, generosity in thoughts and time along with loveliness and grace would lead us to be all that God wants us to be.

I pray also that each person involved in 'Hearts for Home' would also pray for any others involved as well.

May you be blessed by this initiative. I pray it brings you and your family many blessings.

So each week list 4-6 things you will commit to that will keep your "Hearts for Home'.
Please leave a you name and a link to your blog (if you don't have one just leave your list in the comment box) and perhaps a comment so we can all see and encourage each other.