Sunday, August 31, 2008

My weekend

I don't mind telling you, this weekend was a big challenge. It was capped off with a big rain downpour that wet the whole front verandah and put a big layer of water on the table we just got off the trailer. My ribs has just stopped hurting.

I have been having a great time listening to You Are To Me by Adam Brand. I found it after receiving an email from the Blokes n Sheilas website. I just love it. Then I watched tonight's episode of Idol. It was just lovely. A few tears.

Now I feel the trouble of last week is behind me and I will sleep well tonight.

My son flaked out. He is still unwell, and has so many responsibilities with his study. My little girl has been asleep for hours too, she looks a little pale. It is such a horrible virus. Just patience, patience.

The photo is of a wren we saw at the caravan park.

We stayed here two nights. I was going to describe all the difficulties. But while I have forgotten I will leave it at that. Yea.

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 1

My menu weeks run Thursday to Wednesday so started last week when I was sick and my car in the workshop. We went away for the weekend as well. I usually go shopping or have a shopping list worked out with what I want to make and make up the menu straight after shopping based on what I have bought. I haven't been shopping yet, but we did pick up the smallgoods on the way home, and I have ordered the fruit today, usually I do it on Wednesday afternoon.

Monday ~ I am having trouble remembering what we had!
Tuesday ~ McDonalds
Wednesday ~ Tea out with family
Thursday ~ Fish Fingers & Chips
Friday ~ Pumpkin & Pancetta Risotto
Saturday ~ Potato & Proscuitto Salad
Sunday ~ Chorizo & Mushroom Pasta

More Tumut Pics

Bank corner.

A post office and a newsagent.

A chemist and a hotel.

Another hotel.


A typical Aussie pub.

Tumut, NSW

Long ago I promised a blog friend some photos of this town, and I finally got them taken. Hubby took them for me. I hope you find them interesting as well.

Bigdadgib I was going to take a photo that a trucker would like, but forgot this morning. Maybe these will be OK anyway.

Firstly, KFC.

A motel and a museum.

An electical suppliers shop.

A plane tree.

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ September 1

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside My Window... the sun is trying to come out, it has been raining heavily by the looks of things

I am thinking... that I hope second son can think of something to write for his English as it is very important

I am thankful for... our dog coping with us being away, and that he is resting quietly in his kennel

From the kitchen... I enjoyed my trip to an Asian food store so have a few new things in my pantry

I am wearing... my good jeans, runners, black skivvy and new pink windcheater

I am creating... a menu plan when I work out if we have much to work with

I am going... not sure yet, until I get my car back

I am reading...
Laura still

I am hoping... I figure out how to go about shopping since I missed going last week. We bought some sausages to start things off with on the way home

I am hearing... the girls playing a game on the TV

Around the house... we are trying to warm the house up after being away for the weekend at a University Open Day and to visit eldest son and his girlfriend

One of my favorite things... the Pokemon lollies middle daughter bought for second son

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: just getting well, this virus has been around our house for two weeks?

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Friday, August 29, 2008

Spring in the Country

On the the special things that has happened to me in the 4 1/2 years I have lived in this remote location is to be able to look at the wildflowers that grow alongside the road is some places.

When I was little I remember Mum taking me about 7-8 miles down a road to pick wildflowers for the Red Cross Flower Show. Of course it is illegal to do that now, but I enjoyed that day very much. We found a lovely patch not far from my other Grandfather's farm. From memory my Mum knew lots of wildflower names. I think I know some, but unsure these days. Early Nancy's perhaps, Egg & Bacon, things like that.

I have seen wildflowers growing alongside the freeway near Euroa, not sure if it was when I was living down there, or later on. I have seen sprays of pretty wildflowers growing on the Yea-Whittlesea road, and along the road to Alexandra. I was thrilled with that. My absolute favourite, though not a wildflower is fly grass. This was growing near the carpark of the Primary School my older daughter's attended in 2003.

The wildflowers here are very different. Beautiful colours. I haven't been able to photograph the ones on the way to the regional centre though I have tried.

This is the best I have done so far. These can be seen on a local mountain on the drive to a lookout.

When I was little there were lots of tobacco farms. While they were not growing tobacco, sometimes they grew a whole field of cape weed. Cape weed is a curse of some people's front lawns, but we have found with mowing the grass higher and the amount of water we use etc. we don't get cape weed like others do. When we saw a field like that we tried to make daisy chains from it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To the tune of tea Tuesdays ~ August 26

Every Tuesday join Peculiar at Where do we go from here? for To the tune of tea Tuesdays. Here is this week's assignment.

"This will be an easy one today, but I think it will be fun. I just want to know, if you can taste any tea you want to, what would it be? Now, you have to help us out by not just listing the tea, but leaving us a link as to where we might be able to find it, in case we want to try it too. Give your reason why you've been "on your head" to try this tea. We want to know. To make it even better, leave us a tempting picture of it."

The tea I would like to try is Rosella Tea. This is because I was reading about Rosella's on Rhonda's blog and have bought some seeds. Of course it will be months before I have my own rosellas and I would like to know what they taste like. Here is a picture of the plant.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday ~ August 28

Last week I spoke of illness in our house. As you know I have five children, though one lives in the city far away from the town's bugs. On Thursday I had one child come home from school at lunchtime. I think it was middle daughter. She seems quite well now, though coughs sometimes. It is mostly when she gets cold air in her lungs I expect.

I was well then and make a cake for a stall. It is probably the first one I have done, I am not sure. It was then I decided I am not such a "good old stick" after all lol. What I am trying to say I was brought up in the country, but I can't remember Mum baking for fundraisers, though where we lived was not run of the mill country. I don't think I am cut out for it either. However, I am blessed the cake didn't get stuck on the bottom or go brown on the top as it had when I tried making the 5 cup cake earlier. (I am not saying I can't bake a cake lol.)

On Friday my blessings were a bag of dim sims in the freezer that I had forgotten about.

These are my blessings on Saturday:

~ having lovely weather for our gardening day

~ being warm enough for the girls to be outside as some have been sick for 3-4 days

~ thinking up a design for the rose garden so I didn't hold up the work

~ that the insulation helped our house and next winter things should be as they should

~ seeing the cape gooseberry seeds that we hope to plant tomorrow or in two weeks

~ seeing the big mountain and four large hills in a row next to it with snow on them

~ seeing some kangaroos eating grass to the side of the row, like paddock animals which is unusual, I suppose the grass was especially nice

~ having salami toasties for lunch, and a nice risotto for tea

~ seeing the wattle fully out at last

~ having my neat front garden to come home to

~ a clean vaccumed car for dh

~ hearing that one of my parcels is coming soon

~ beautiful Golden Circle raspberry cordial

~ nice music on the radio, entertaining

I was happy to hear that my son was able to get a table he likes for the price he wanted. My table will be able to come home.

Wednesday hubby was able to water our roses, which is great as not sure we will be able to water them on the weekend.

The timing of everything this week was really good. We decided that our daughter shouldn't go on a school trip to Melbourne. She was meant to leave today. Today I have been quite sick so it was probably better that she didn't go. It is windy and cool in Melbourne this time of year.

I haven't had to pick up my daughter at school because she hasn't been there. That is fantastic because my car is still in the workshop. I was too sick to be out in the cold. I remember it taking about this long one time hubby fixed one of our cars. Had no idea they could be in the workshop for this long as well. The mechanic said we caught it early so no major damage done.

It turns out I won't be grocery shopping this week. But that is another week, and another story.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday ~ August 27

I have been wishing to participate in this meme for ages, I may have participated in the past, not sure now, it has been awhile. Today (July 29, WFM has been on a break) I was picking in a very large terylene curtain and worked out a way of folding it up without getting it on the ground. Then I thought, that's good, I can join in in Works For Me Wednesday.

I was blessed to be able to listen to our hostess Shannon on Blog Talk Radio, it was enjoyable, thanks Shannon.

The curtain was wrapped a long way around the line. I have an old Hills Hoist at our other house that we hope to move into this spring/summer. I hope to buy a new trolley for my basket and a peg holder. Usually I like to take my pegs off the line when I pick in the washing. I use Reva pegs.

What I did was peg the end of the curtain to the other end, by taking out the first few pegs. I kept doing that until it was this size. Then carefully folded the rest up as usual. I obviously pegged the bottom to the top at one point as well. I think it was a 200cm curtain.


I have been given this, my favourite award, by Denise at An English Girl Rambles. I can't believe it. Thank you so much Denise. I am glad your enjoy my blog.

This is an Arte y Pico award which originated at this site:

Here are the rules that accompany this esteemed award:

  • Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material and also contribute to the blogging community.
  • Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog.
  • Each award winner has to show the award and put the name of and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.
  • The award winner and the one who has given the prize has to show the link of Arte Y Pico blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.
  • Show these rules.

My first award is passed on to La TeaDah at Gracious Hospitality.
Then Tina at Garden Goose and
Sandy at Quill Cottage
Natalija at Sarah's Daughter
Janelle at Heart Felt

The above blogs are all beautiful to visit. I had such fun with the blog-a-thons at the first three. Natalija is an inspiration. The are all very creative, their blog designs, perfect. I could go on, go check them out!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A new week

Two of the girls went back to school today, and the other one probably could have, she just doesn't seem to be eating normally yet. We decided to buy some two fruits and jelly crystals and ricecream and icecream just to keep her interested in food. Our second son is home today sick. I made his lunch and he has only been up for an hour or two.

The weather is holding, three good sunny days. On Sunday hubby went with our second son to finish the rose garden I helped design. I mostly worked out where I wanted the walkways. Two of our roses were in an old garden bed, planted by the previous owner of our new house. The edges of the bed have to be moved so we don't get caught between the bed and the fence with a snake.

Some other roses are under a tree in a wet spot. I found one red old-fashioned rose we had in a pot that I had bought up the street, a homegrown rose. Altogether we found nine roses to plant and seven box hedging plants that are quite tall.

Hubby got six of the roses in, as the holes had to be dug, the soils mixed and gypsum added. We had some leaves left in a pile from autumn for mulch.

The space the new garden is in is a whole block joined to the main house block. It is just open space and the area shares the same fence etc. it just hasn't been planted out. I was surprised allowing for walkways etc. how much area will be planted out now and how garden like it will be. Such a change from a paddock with that thick couch grass in it.

The roses, are red, orange, a dark yellow, burgundy and a couple I am not sure about.

Yes, I am a bit crook as well, mostly sore kidneys.

I got the first of my parcels. As always with clearance items there is some disappointment, but the clothes are beautiful. They are for our little daughter. They fit with a bit of growth room for next year. I have been snipping off tags in the afternoon sun coming through my window. This is my favourite item. I like how they came in a pretty bag, like you would get if you are shopping in person, something happy and bright.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 25

Last week my favourite meal was Silverbeet, Broad Bean and Pancetta Risotto

Monday ~ Tuna Casserole
Tuesday ~ Prosciutto Linguine
Wednesday ~ Jambalaya
Thursday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Friday ~ Essential Chow Mein
Saturday ~ Pork Chow Mein
Sunday ~ Maple Snags with Mustard Mash

Some of the meals we have had already in place of some on last week's menu, I just chose something from both of those lists until shopping day. The Maple Syrup Sausages recipe is very nice.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The last week of winter

Today there was a slight promise of things to come. Last time I helped hubby with the rose shifting it was rainy, light cold rain and very very cold. But today I was able to sit on the grass and not worry about getting sunburnt too much. I admired my white lungwort, such a nice big plant, so it likes the place that we planted it, which is great for lungwort. Mine is more cream, a serene looking plant.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ August 25

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside My Window... it is dark now

I am thinking... about the sounds you can hear at my new house and all the memories it brings up, I heard a chook making a noise and I thought of the smell of nesting boxes

I am thankful for... the children, the girls, though unwell, that it is manageable at the moment

From the kitchen... Silverbeet & Broad Bean & Pancetta Risotto (chard & fava beans)

I am wearing... new pink windcheater and skivvy with pale blue jeans

I am creating... a rose garden with box hedge design

I am going... grocery shopping

I am reading... Laura by Donald Zochert

I am hoping... I get a parcel or two this week with clothes in them

I am hearing... hubby reading little daughter a story

Around the house... the cat just went outside

One of my favorite things... the seeds of cape gooseberry, the same cute colour as the fruit

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I hope the girls get better and that my car is ready on Tuesday, and hopefully we can get hubby's hair cut, we still haven't worked out how to go about that so it works consistently

Here is picture thought I am sharing... of two very big in my eyes, cockatoos

Things to do in my town for (almost) free meme

I have been tagged by Jannelle at Heart Felt. Jannelle is a reader here, and I am delighted to know she is a Kiwi.

This is what I have to do:

1. List (at least) five things to do for free in your city or town, not just well publicized touristy things, but things YOU might do too!

2. Write it with a visitor in mind.

3. Tag three people* - extra fun if they live somewhere you'd like to know better or

4. If you're anonymous/coy about where you live, choose another town or city that you know.

I am going to talk about what I know about Khancoban, N.S.W., Australia. I am a very proud Victorian so no I don't live there. NSW is growing on me bit by bit.

Khancoban has come to mean to me great op-shopping. The council they belong to may view it as that little place way over there, and they lost their op-shop recently. It was a lovely place in an arcade. Maybe they managed to keep it, I am not sure. In the spring that council has daffodils in the nature strips which is lovely.

I really enjoy their pool as well. It is my favourite pool to sit and watch, though my little girl wasn't swimming I don't think. We saw an eagle when we were there. I think we just had the phone camera that day.

They have a great toy library that visits at least one school that I know of. They have a lovely display in the arcade of Snowy Mountains pictures which I find interesting. My parents were very much that generation. They used to find the building of the dams for water storage very interesting and exciting.

They do indeed have lyrebirds. I saw one. We were driving through into the mountains and it very quickly turns to bush. The lyrebird was in the gutter with its tail bent around, it was that long.

Lots of people drive there to swim. It is cool on a summer's day, that is probably why I enjoyed the pool so much.

When we took my son's girlfriend there we went to the park and bought some food in the arcade. I daydream about the building blocks with views of the bush, that seem very close.

So when I go there I look in the windows of the arcade mostly and watch the tourists having a great time, this year saw lots of motorbike riders. I get a thrill looking at the giant pipe, maybe because of the childhood memories. I guess I can't believe I am really there.

Khancoban is one of the best places to see views of snow. I am not sure I have seen this view this close actually.

The picture below is of the "State line". During the horse flu there was a car there looking for people who may sneak a horse into Victoria. There is probably a fruit fly bin there, though I am not taking as much notice as I should. Middle daughter reminded me in Coles NSW (Albury) not that long ago not to buy fruit there, even though we think of Albury and Wodonga as the same place, well nearly. You can tell which hills are Khancoban as there is a giant pipe running down them. It is part of the Snowy Hydro that I visited as a girl at Easter time with my parents and my brother and family of Mum's friend.

There are emu sightings in Khancoban too. They have a community bus that takes them to a larger town to shop.

Who am I tagging?

A Skip In My Step

At Home On The Rock
The Mennobrarian

To The Tune Of Tea Tuesdays ~ Virtual Teaparties

Save on Prints & Posters!

Peculiar at How do we get there from here? has a lovely entry each week about tea. This week it has a Mr. Linky! It is a lovely writing challenge, admirably taken up by Jen. I love Jen's post because it is such a good example of how to write an answer, and gives courage to write about a virtual tea party. So I am going to think about this fictious tea party. The thinking exercise is great, because it really gets to the heart of what you think these days. As a Mum with a older family it is good to review things like that and have a good think, and practise writing. Thanks Jen and Peculiar for the encouragement.

First, tell if you would have a casual tea party or something fancy?
Would yours be a fresh, springy one outdoors like the picture at the top, or would it be an inside fancy set-up like the one above?
I will use (fresh, artificial, or combination flowers)...
I will require my guests to dress...
Children are/are not invited...I'm inviting (this many) people... (or, are we all invited?)
Would you send out invites, call by phone, or email?
My theme or goal for my party is...
I'm serving (this kind) of tea... and I'm using (loose leaf or bagged)...
I have decorated in this way...
I'm having (low tea or high), therefore the foods I'll serve will be...
I am/am not using edible flowers...
I will be serving other beverages, and they are...
Will you have a poetry reading or tea talk at your party?
I will use (casual, or oriental, or English, or other style) tea ware at my party...
I will give away...
My party will last...
And my answers are:

At first I didn't know what to write. Now I have a basic idea for my tea party so I will start there. My most favourite memories of tea and cake have a real Australian character. I especially liked the Old Time Dances and the suppers afterwards. One of the things there were mixed sandwiches. I haven't been to too many recent things like this, when I came here I wasn't quite old enough for the local CWA and I wasn't ready to join Red Cross. I know some sandwiches were egg.

I would have to have my favourite retro scones from my cooking classes at school. Ham scones, wholemeal date scones with butter.

I would have passionfruit icing on cakes. Here is a passionfruit pic. I remember going to the football and having a cake like that there once. My favourite of all supper was one I had in Minyip at a family reunion, book launch. I would have some patty cakes with tradional Australian decorations of Dollar Fives and cachous. I would have my Nana's sponge lillies. I would have Laura's Ma's vanity cakes just to try them. A cold drink would be raspberry vinegar mixed with ice.

So I will write up a menu and see how it looks as it is very one sided with my favourites atm.

My take home gift would be Australian preserves, that I haven't tasted myself, Lilipilli and Quandong preserves. I would have something made with wattleseed it in to try. I really need to buy one of these books as there is probably lots of wildcrafting opportunities going to waste.

I am going to visit as many of Set The Table, Tea Is On posts that I can to pick out things that I like. Here is another one. Also Tea Room Ventures and Venues.

While I was thinking about this post. A teaparty I had read about kept coming to mind. I have remembered it and found it online. It is chapter two of Earlene Fowler's Steps To The Altar. You can read chapter two if you click on the sample chapter and turn a couple of pages. Earlene is a mystery writer, her interviews are on YouTube.

I have decided on Lemon Tassies and Lavender Biscuits as I haven't tried them and I would like to. Tassie's are American not our most southern State in Australia, and lavender biscuits are probably cookies.

Lavender Biscuits

100g butter
100g sugar
1/2 - 1 tablespoons English lavender flowers
200g Self Raising flour
1 egg

Cream butter and sugar. Add egg and beat well. Add lavender flowers and mix well. Add sieved flour.

Put teaspoons of mixture onto greased tray and bake in a preheated oven 190oC for 10-15 minutes.

From CWA cookbook 2003

I was at the hospital once and the older people were having these, so they must be suitable for everyone.

I would also like to try River Cottage Curd Tart.

I don't know a lot about low or high tea. I will go for low tea, though I am not sure how this relates to my party. My Grandma always said she had some connection to the Duchess of Bedford.

I will have cinnamon sticks and slices of lemon. I will have butter curls, cucumber sandwiches because I don't think I have tried them. Fresh flowers in a chrystal vase, preferably a retro one. While you are on that site, check out the plum pudding pin cushions. I will serve jelly cakes, can I have lots?

We could visit a garden in Marysville with camellias in flower or something like that. That would require a log fire and a nice misty view. Lots of treeferns and hopefully no wind. Is there such a thing? Maybe I could allow some children and make cambric tea, I wonder if it is OK and they like it? However, I think it would be autumn so we could have a herb theme. We could have lemon verbena amongst the flower arrangements, and lemon verbena used in some of the recipes. There would be chamomile tea available, and honey in a wild garden setting. I had such a tea in a garden in a casual setting when I was little. A self-sufficient garden would be nice.

So how to pull a typical Australian, plus hippy and old-fashioned country hotel style of tea together? I remember a hotel that I remember the butter curls from. It had a beautiful cottage or even 1920s style garden, wild, Edna Walling has come to mind twice. So maybe an open garden at a homestead, like Australian Country Style magazine of a few years ago. The hotel actually had a lemon verbena that is how I came to know the herb.

I wonder if such a hotel exists we could have it there, complete with weather ornament on the wall where if it is raining the rainy day man or lady comes out and the other one stays inside.

I have included elderflower cupcakes so I could see an elderflower.

So here is the original menu with all the other thoughts added in:


Ham Scones
Wholemeal Date Scones
Large cake with Passionfruit Icing
Patty Cakes with Pink Icing
Sponge Lillies
Ma' s Vanity Cakes
Mixed Sandwiches including Egg
Lavender Biscuits
Lemon Tassies
Curd Tart
Jelly Cakes
Pumpkin Scones
Wattleseed Lamingtons
Elderflower Cupcakes
Lemon Verbena Tea Bread
Raspberry Vinegar Cordial
Camomile Tea & Honey

So, after all that, since we will be in a garden, we will have baroque music. The theme Pioneering of the 19th Century. A prize for the best straw hat. So will be set in an 19th century garden, with English teaware, perhaps in a rotunda?

It is casual, with loose tea. It will be all afternoon, I think with special sourced paper or plastic plates and forks for the cakes, if there is such a thing. I will ask people what they wish to discuss for entertainment. So I guess mine is a garden party.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

For those who were accidently sent to this page looking for Skywatch click here.

The theme for this week is Peace.

I had a lot to be thankful for last Thursday. I have written a little about it on my Day In My Life post that Little Jenny Wren hosts. I feel like explaining it because most people say "sorry about your car", but don't realise what a miracle I felt it was.

I shop 50 minutes from my home, for reasons I have written about before. I buy the food and put some in eskis and come home before my husband's lunchtime. During this time, part of the road has no mobile phone reception. I carry a special phone, but it is not a sallelite phone. This is part of what I wrote:

"Over halfway there my car started having fits, or blooping I call it. I had someone following me quite closely so I pulled off the road. Passing is difficult and I wasn't sure what the car would do next."

On the other post I photographed a lovely creek. I had stopped at some toilets. Upon reflection it was also near a B&B, possibly they wouldn't have minded a stranger coming in to use their phone. I didn't stop the car then as you never know if it would have started again just at that point. After I tried to keep going, it went well until:

"Half way home and the car stalled at an intersection and my power steering went out. Very confusing. It started again. Earlier on I realised that with all the fussing about the radiator cap, we forgot about the phone credit that we didn't buy when I went to the regional centre so middle daughter would have the money for her game. The machine was down and they only had the expensive one. Didn't even check if it was charged much, though it probably was."

While crossing a river on an old bridge I made sure I kept the revs up until I got all the way across though you have to go over at 20kmph.

The next day I drove it to school even though I didn't want to. In the end hubby went to the workshop and they told him it can't be used, and booked it in for Monday. The miracle is the very same day it played up, we got extra money from a backpay, and I wasn't stranded on the road. The car prior to hubby speaking to the mechanics had water on the dipstick which hubby was able to recognise as serious. My Mum advised me that I could "cook" the motor.

I like it after these things are fixed because they are fixed for ever, it is just the worry of breaking down in the meantime in such a remote area that is the problem.

So I feel very blessed.

On Tuesday my Mum rang and said my step-Dad had had a car accident. He hit a car, on a place where the driver and his three children were unharmed, and himself and the dog in his car. The other driver had turned right in front of him without looking. The poor guy was shaken up. Please pray for him. My step-Dad is organising a new car now. I hope the new one is a blessing to them.

Straight after this phonecall a lady rang to say that the prize for completing a survey I did on the phone recently had been awarded to me! It is worth a few hundred dollars. I don't remember winning anything before, though I did a water survey with lots of prizes and got a shower head once, a water saving one. The prize this time was a water purifier.

The kids had the day off for curriculum day. This was a blessing too as two of the girls weren't feeling well, and the other one was recovering. They spent time watching a little Miley Cyrus. I am a little slow, I didn't realise Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana. I thought Miley Cyrus was a guest at the concert.

For some reason I went onto the Ezibuy site. I had received catalogues years ago. I found a really inspiring article about clothes. So on Monday I decluttered my wardrobe (handy if we move in the next 6 months) and hubby took away a full garbage straight to the op-shop during his lunch hour.


~ lovely bread rolls with butter

~ the girls got some lovely books from the book fair


~ getting my menu done

~ the girls had a nice night out at Youth Group


~ we got a reprieve from the bad weather, hubby was up in the roof space of the new house laying pink batts, he was hot!


~ I found three tops that I hope fit me on clearance at ezibuy for $10 each! I think it all started when I was looking for a tag from our ornamental pear trees to see about pruning, then I knocked something over, and picked up a MySize catalogue

~ the weather was warm, sunny and bright, we got some wood, our supply hasn't run out! Hubby was treated to a glorious view of the snow!


~ I was able to go through the clearance items with eldest daughter online and she and I picked out some nice clothes. I am nervous about it, I hope they fit. I wanted to buy them in the city but think we won't have time for something like that with more than just the two of us, she is not as fast as I would like

~ I got a lovely book delivery in a degradable wrapper from buyAustralian. It is Donald Zochert's Laura

~ good weather while I was walking to ballet


~ finding a great recipe that is a variation on the Chow Mein from the 70s, great for when I sometimes have boc choy (Chinese Chard) lying around in the fridge

~ got some of my giant pile of library books sorted out. I read part of one of the two that had to go back straight away and found I didn't like it that much, found some more I didn't like and today read one book or finished it from yesterday

~ did some work on the school electives for eldest daughter and second son

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


With all those cockatoos visiting all the lawns around town I was wondering why the cockatoos didn't like our lawn and felt a little left out. On Monday they had made their visit sometime. The lawns look like mown hay after they are finished with onion grass lying on the ground. Interestingly, the onions on the onion grass are still intact.

I had noticed this when I was walking. I noticed too that on walking past a repair shop how much I like tractor grease! Yes, I smelt it a lot when I was growing up.

The mountain was very dark, and very cold outside. Then on the way home the sun came out and it was lovely either that or I had warmed up.

At school I thought how the world is the poorer for not having Shirley Strachan in it. I heard Horror Movie coming from a classroom, no not right there on my TV, lol. He has such a cheerful voice. I find the news etc. a bit of a horror movie myself.

Monday, August 18, 2008

An Award!

On a dreary winter's day I woke to find I had won an award! It was awarded to me by flmom at The Narrow Path. Thank you flmom!

"Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog."

I wasn't really a blog reader from memory until very recently. I think I have the bug now! I had my friends at homesteadblogger and that was about it I think. I'm not sure how it goes, I think firstly I participated in memes and carnivals. When I got this new blog I joined the Aussie bloggers forum. Then I think I found the list of top Australian women bloggers perhaps at All For Women. It is interesting that many I have met, we seem to find ourselves participating in similar memes etc.

I have linked this award back to its founder. Those that I award that cheer my day, please link back to Memoirs of a Mommy as well, thanks.

I started this particular blog because of my blog review as I mentioned in my first post. I have still not settled into how best to achieve the goals set, but I realised how much I enjoy writing, which I didn't realise I did exactly. I was always that teenager writing letters to people, or on my typewriting, typing, I can't remember what now.

I would like to award Titania at Yesterday Today & Tomorrow In My Garden. Titania's garden pictures are an inspiration, and she is a great encouragement to me.

My second award is for a recent blog find. Peculiar at How do we get there from here? has been encouraging me in my love for tea and given me ideas and a place to visit and have fun. Also it has been encouraging to do some writing, which is often hard without a push.

Other awards are for:

Mrs. V at Quiet Pleasures of Home really challenged me with the latest post. But in the end I have joined her discussion board and will enjoy visiting the blogs of her friends, some I have read and enjoyed before. And I will be reading more posts. Today I am happy, I was off the computer in the morning and did some decluttering!!

Hill Upon Hill thank you for trying the tea acrostics. Your style of posting is very inspiring. You are very gracious.

Tania from Outback for your comments. You give me courage and perspective.

There are three encouragers that I am not sure want an award button, but you are welcome to take one. BigDadGib, Old Wom Tigley and Carol. They have been encouraging, and help me make the best of my world.

Ann at Not Working Yet. I love Melbourne. I had a boy in early intervention when he was little. So I love Ann's blog and love to see her life that was similar to mine before my accidental treechange in some way. Thanks for your comments.

Denise at An English Girl Rambles gives me an interesting look at American life. I love her positive outlook. I love the Denise's that visit me.

C10 is my honorary Australian. She is countryless. I know she lives in the Northern Hemisphere. Please check out her gorgeous crochet. She is also gracious and gives me lots to think about.

It seems I have missed lots of lovely blog posts I need to read some more. It has been a busy week so far here. My little girl went to sleep straight after ballet class tonight, around 5pm!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 18

The star of last week's menu was Penne with Salmon and Broccoli.

Monday ~ Balsamic Tomato, Chorizo and Rocket Fettucine
Tuesday ~ Chicken, Pumpkin and Bean Curry or Barley Paella
Wednesday ~ Silverbeet, Broad Bean & Pancetta Risotto
Thursday ~ Pearl Barley Risotto with Mediterranean Topping
Friday ~ Bigos with Mashed Potatoes
Saturday ~ Osso Bucco with Mashed Potatoes
Sunday ~ Pork Mince with Brussels Sprouts

When reheated the pearl barley risotto is awful, please don't make it.

Tea Acrostics

I found this post about tea acrostics, at How do we get there from here?, originally via a comment left here by Peculiar, thanks Peculiar! I want to give it a go. I feel I need to copy down how to do it.

"Okay, you probably already know what an acrostic is, but just in case you don't, it's a poetry form where you write a word going down, and then you insert a word or words next to each letter (the goal is to keep the words beside each letter down to a minimum like 1-3) that talk about or describe your acrostic word. Give imagery."

"Your acrostic should be words for your favorite tea, tea ware, or tea moments. Now, don't be intimidated. Acrostics have got to be the easiest poetry form out there."

Teaware is described here on Wiki. Peculiar, it is hard to start.

any in the cupboard
Under the cake decorating equipment
Green eggs & ham design and other mostly white ones

ens of tens tucked in a box
Everyone pointing the same way
Awaiting the taking off of the plastic wrapper
Beside the stove
Arriving fresh from the supermarket
Getting put under the nearly empty box

ack when the kids were little
Little child sitting in the highchair
Anxious Mum
Chicken and peas in a bowl with tiny spoon
Keeping baby happy
overing tea with tomato sauce
Hurrying to pass the patterned tin
Inside tiny toys from a birthday cake
Never to be seen except at mealtime
Everyday brought out for meals
Several toys
Each interesting to the baby
Train carriages
Interests the baby while tea popped into mouth
Not a new tin but very useful and once pretty with red and black and gold

esiding in the cupboard not especially used
Inciting possibilities of green tea
Causing memories of perhaps food colouring days
Exciting days of little girls
Cup bought to match bowls
Uncle was the one who introduced me to the design
Pattern reminds me of eating jelly

eside the fishing equipment
In the supermarket I shop in
Lovely and shiny
Looking longingly at them
Yearning for yesterday

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ August 18

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside My Window... a very sunny day. It may not be hot, but it feels so cheery after yesterday. Yesterday was beanie and glove weather, it was bitter

I am thinking... about how different and unique each person is

I am thankful for... knowing what is wrong with my car, when it is getting fixed, and having money to pay for it, knowing that the same thing won't break again anytime soon

From the kitchen... Saladas, cherry tomatoes & margarine

I am wearing... My new pink windcheater and beige/khaki skivvy, my op-shop jeans that are good for the weekend, no pockets for keys that I don't need so much on the weekends

I am creating... I am hoping to give out some awards, I have some lovely commenters here and it is appreciated

I am going... in the near future I am going to the city to see our son as well as what we came there for, the girls and I are going mostly to see their brother

I am reading... If The Prospect Pleases by Sally Laity

I am hoping... that we sort out something that makes sense about my son's final year of High School and Uni options

I am hearing... the TV, girls TV shows

Around the house... pinned and cut out practise material for our son's social costume, he has done the work for it, I advise sometimes

One of my favorite things... the few red autumn leaves hanging onto the liquid amber tree outside

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to work through my large pile of library books and possibly take some back, not read, but not sure all are suitable yet

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Plastic Bag Woes

Today (Monday) I was very disappointed to find out that our hometown has decided to go the way of our current town and to ban plastic bags in the supermarkets. I have previously written about this from a remote seachange point of view (below). It is distressing that life in my hometown as I knew it is changing. Since researching it though I found they are just charging the customer for the bag, not actually banning them. Here is the information. I wonder if they will go as far as my current town in banning them altogether in the end.

I still like plastic bags for carrying my purchased food items. I used boxes for quite awhile when the bags were taken away at the local supermarket. I am quite good at stacking them in the trolley, they work very well. I don't like putting meat in the box, and I don't like knowing that the boxes are brought back probably because of the price of taking them to the tip here, and knowing they had meat in them too. Maybe that was the decider.

I use the plastic bags for storing clothes, and really love doing that, and treasured every little bag in the end. I don't think I ran out.

Why don't I use green bags? I have seen that stuff broken down, and it turns into powder. Also I don't think the amount of food I buy would go back into the trolley and I don't want to try. I am also too lazy to wash calico bags.

I was being very kind when I wrote that. I didn't mention how heavy the boxes were made, and my upset at how would I manage the boxes if I was pregnant for example, obviously I have been pregant a lot since I have been married and think of those things. I think no one thinks of the larger family when they make these decisions. Maybe it is easy to restack an overflowing trolley with green bags.

I found these two interesting links. I find I am more inclined to love being New South Wales these days. Victoria is too small and all think the same way, and obviously some people are not doing their research, of course I suspect that I haven't done mine either. The first is about plastic bags that break down, and I have come across them twice before, and the other about the State Government. Please ignore the title, I haven't really understood what it meant, just thought the points were good.

I guess the point is that my hometown does still have plastic bags, and I would gladly pay to use them if I lived there. If they had banned the plastic bags, there would have been no point me moving back there in the future.

The supermarket that I shop in now wouldn't overload boxes if I did use them, and would help me if I needed them to to load the car, and I gladly pay to drive there to shop.

Today (Thursday) I noticed the bag I got from Mensland says it is totally recyclable and degradable. The shopping bag debate was talked about on this great forum called My Shopping List.

Skywatch Friday ~ August 15

This photo is from the weekend. It shows some cockatoos feasting on yet another lawn. They have been having a great time. My husband took this photo. In a previous post there is the picture I took, that focused more on the tank stand. We have had lots of trouble photographing them! Both they and the galahs have proven harder to drive past than we imagined. I think it is because they are from a remote location and behave differently to the ones we are used to, either that or we are out of practise. Thankfully we haven't hit any. They somehow look appropriate with the church. Maybe it is their colour.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bloomday ~ August

The first photos are from my new house. The first flower the previous owner planted in a little circle of stones. There are two circles not far from the front door. We took two magnolias from our current house and planted them in the circles. Some of her flowers died in one circle and we replaced them with primrose like annuals and they are nearly out.

In July Bloomday the white helebores were out. Today I noticed that the flowers from last year must have dropped seeds and all these babies have grown up. Considering the plants were moved nearly a year ago, it is very impressive. I saw a purple, nearly black helebore in a shop recently, it would make a great addition to our garden bed.

The hyacinths were purchased for our current house to go with the paint colours of green and yellow. The pots were from our previous house, they are from the 60s when that house was built. At the new house they are out in the open. The weather there is very rainy, so they get sprinkled a lot.

There were some star bulbs in a terracotta pot and also the neighbour's wattle hanging over the fence.

The next photos are from our current house, with a photo of snowdrops posted on my Thankful Thursday post. The first is a fragrant osmanthus, an early one. It only grows small and we need to trim it more into a square after it flowers.

Then some Sweet Alice or alyssum which is also fragrant and has babies through the garden that we mean to transplant to fill in the gaps in our border. We don't keep up to trimming them as often as I would like.

Please visit May Dreams Gardens. You will be glad you did.