Monday, November 30, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 30 Monday

~ my lost box was not lost at all
~ places that sell car parts on-line
~ my daughter's red skirt from ebay, I hope it fits, for the concert
~ my eldest daughter safely home from camp
~ a nice novel to read
~ gorgeous cake decorations at the shop, actually they were just melts, but my daughter made them look good on cupcakes as eyes

I found a video of a little girl talking about Why I Am Thankful.

The theme for today is Sister's In Christ.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 29

Things to be thankful for on Sunday:

~ lots of dusting getting done, I was really pleased
~ some clothes sorting done, it all helps
~ putting up the Christmas tree in part at least
~ Chrisco delivery and everyone helping to get it sorted and the boxes put away etc.
~ watching Location, Location, Location on TV
~ nice cool weather for resting
~ having the fire lit (yes it is going to be a cold night) it sort of goes with the Christmas tree, not sure we have ever lit the fire while having a tree up, though it was cold in December a few years ago
~ still having firewood so we can light the fire if we want to
~ the girls doing some craft
~ my little girl sitting reading novels on the couch, I like that she is only 7, actually nearly 8

The theme for today is "my cat".

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... rain

I am thinking... how much people's lives can move on while you are not looking

I am thankful for... not having to do too much today, and for the nice rainy weather to rest

I am wearing... polar fleece jumper though I am feeling warmer now

I am remembering... how things were before

I am going... to my hometown

I am reading... maybe more Sandra Dallas if I haven't already read it

I am hoping... things go smoothly next week, yet more travelling and buying things, hopefully not too much

On my mind... survey places online

Noticing that... the hills have turned yellow

From the kitchen... quick mix cup cakes

Around the house... freshly picked raspberries in washed out margarine containers

One of my favourite things... my new loganberry cross berries, they tasted lovely from the bush

From my picture journal... my mullein before my husband finished the weeding

Simple Woman's Daybook from Peggy's blog.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Saturday Day 28

More stuff relating to blessings on day 27:

~ yesterday for some reason in the mail, was a Whiskers sachet of cat food. I loved it. It came from Coles and I am going near a Coles next week. They give you half price cat food. My cat only likes a certain brand. He eats a certain brand dry food as well. Everything has to be fish. The dried food only prawn.

Recently we tried a different brand dried food in prawn and he loved it! And guess what, the Whiskers, a different brand and different flavour, he loved it too! Why? He loved the wet texture.

~ also yesterday it had rained and the rose bed was beautiful and wet to weed. We only got out there for a few minutes. I had had trouble working out what bulbs I was given in a box. We found I had two large packets, heaps of Titonias. Does anyone grow them? There are so many I am going to wait until March to plant them, which is what you are supposed to do I think. We will just find pots for the things that are living now, and maybe put one in the ground.

~ yesterday my daughter made homemade Christmas decorations at Spotlight on Christmas at the church group. It is something nice especially for this year to put on the tree.

~ my eldest being so kind and wanting his brother to live with him next year. I hope we can arrange that they would probably all enjoy it.

~ my son's stuff got home safely on the bus

~ I am thankful about my fishpond. For two years we have struggled with a green look it has. Yesterday I saw that although there is still some brown looking algae in there, you can see the fish clearly and it is a delight to see their orange selves. I love the red floating plants and the iris and it seems more natural and calming.

~ I am thankful for the yellow lily the previous owner of our newer house put there. I didn't even think I could grow them and they are such a blessing. I think it is an Asiatic?

~ I love my mulleins, and yet again they are putting on a wonderful show. What a blessing craft shops are, where lovely ladies grow plants and sell them cheaply with other homemade things, sewing, craft and jams. I also have this other plant that came up in soil from my Mum's. It is like Queen Anne's Lace and has seeded from the wheelbarrow into the soil, and now is four or more feet high, two of them!

~ it was lovely to see the changes that have gone on in the town where the bus stop is for when the boys come home, and also my eldest's girlfriend. Even on the way in the most isolated looking spot, there are two lovely new homes. I also like the people who live there. Also it is nice to see some things the same, things I enjoy. Also they had their street Christmas decorations up. They were Santas on the verandah posts I think, like some I posted a couple of days ago. I ran out of memory to photograph them. Maybe I will get a chance later on, in a week or two to photograph them.

The theme for Day 28 is Christmas.

Blessings on Saturday:

~ ground being damp enough to weed from recent rain
~ gorgeous giant daylilies, well two lovely flowers in particular
~ extra catfood we had stored at our newer house
~ nice clean second house
~ warm berries for me to eat hanging over the fence
~ my little girl doing some dusting for me
~ getting to watch River Cottage Summer

Friday, November 27, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 27 Friday

~ spotting a native animal in the park
~ a friendly lady up the street asking about my girls
~ lovely secondhand bookshop to visit, great books there and a nice lady who made me laugh
~ tortoise crossing the road
~ BLT sandwiches for lunch
~ having a nice time while waiting for my son's bus, and everything going smoothly
~ my daughter having a Christian activity to go to for her age, and my teens having Youth Group, both involve teaching not just fun

Camel in "his" paddock near the Aussie bush that I saw today

30 Days of Thanksgiving comes from Karla's blog. The theme for today is Remembrances.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 26 Thursday

What I was thankful for today:

~ a cool change in weather in the afternoon around 4pm
~ getting the lawn mowed
~ finding the clothes I had put away, and getting started on using them
~ another item ready for a special night next week
~ having a drink ready for a trip I am doing so I won't have to buy anything
~ kindness of our eldest buying something that will help us out, at until I can help pay for it
~ kindness of my daughter's friend to go with her to the pool as it was empty after the change, but the water was still warm
~ interesting new work for the new year for my husband at his work

30 Days of Thanksgiving comes from Karla's blog.

Back To Basics Challenge

For the last 2 weeks, should have posted on Monday. It was good to read my last entry, we are getting somewhere, that is fantastic.

Sowing seed or Planting
  • Our daughter's vegetables are growing to the point where her tomatoes need to be staked. She loves how the cucumbers shot up tall, then laid down too.
  • Harvested and used chives for our second quiche making day. Used a different recipe, see below.
  • My husband fixed the watering system the dog had a go at.
  • I think my husband and our son have been making their own mulch from weeds with the mower?

Planning for The Future
  • May get some straw at the farmers shop in a town 1 1/2 hour from here. I know they have straw at a good price and they give good service, and I am going to be there soon.
  • Will go on the VicSwim site for classes for my daughter.
  • Getting our son home to have his wisdom teeth checked so don't have to worry about it next year at uni.
  • Checking out casual employment for him.

Working for the Future

  • My husband said our hose was too small to run the homemade sprinkler that does a large area, so I asked him to buy a new one.
  • Bought a dress for my daughter to wear Christmas day. Also a top for a costume, in Christmas colours, I hope it is a good size, and looks good over her leggings. Has a bit of silver in a white top. She has to do the macarina in it.
  • Spent a lot of time talking to the girls about their togs etc. Bought good shoes, school shoes, togs and board shorts etc. Forgot my son's rash vest, it somehow ended up back on the rack by accident. We had to go down and did some late night shopping. I bought the shoes at FSW and saved some money.
  • Got our radiator fixed, it was like someone put something in it to clog it or stop leaks. Also got lots of other things fixed that needed doing but hadn't, like the fan that could fly off at any moment, which was originally in my car. Good for fire season as we can at least rely on our car in the hot weather. My airconditioning got fixed at the same time. Two small jobs to go, tuning my car in particular.

Building Community
  • Packing for my daughter to go on a camp with local kids, and another to sleep over.

Learn a new Skill
  • I was helping my husband with blind baking. I must say it didn't go well. It was a fairly hot day and we didn't refrigerate the pastry. Anyway, it was interesting. It was a proper quiche.
  • I have been making sure our son can manage at his brother's house. He has been doing his own banking, cooking, washing, shopping. Just needed to make sure he had everything he needed and the odd bit of advice, not much. Learning to ride buses, helping with directions. It also helps me keep up to date with it, we ask his brother things about the area and things.
  • While at the regional centre I saw an idea that expands on one I mentioned earlier. We planted nandinas in front of our box hedge. I saw a minature type of box planted in front of that, so will work on it.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 25

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! I'm sorry it is Thursday here already, maybe I am a bit premature!

In Australia Thanksgiving is fairly new, so new I forgot last year, it is in May or June. I think next year it is the 29th May. It is called the National Day of Thanksgiving.

Things I was thankful for on Wednesday:

~ surprise live plants in the mail, something very precious, I have to now learn how to care for it

~ interesting historical articles about my family in online newspapers (I was told about The Argus once when I was researching my family tree, it has details of fires of 1939 and others, and I learnt my family lost sheep) you can find it here. One of my Dad's cousins remembered reading about my family's fire loss in 1928 in the Argus, or knew of the article's existence, since I think she wasn't that old. We lived no where near Melbourne, they covered lots of things. I'm not sure if it was because my family had connections in Melbourne or not. Worth a look. I have included the National page for newspapers, the Argus included.

~ a salad my husband made, sometimes food can really lift the spirits (recipe follows)

Noteworthy thanksgiving posts that I have read since yesterday: Be Thankful

Four Objects of Thanksgiving Holiday

Lemon Crumbed Fish with Butter Bean Salad

425g packet frozen Birds Eye Oven Bake Lemon Crumbed
300g can Edgell Butter Beans, drained
8-10 grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cucumber, cut into thin sticks
2 cups baby spinach leaves (my husband used mixed salad greens)
1 tablespoons low fat salad dressing (think he used French)
continental parsley (my husband added this, finely chopped I assume)

Cook frozen fish following packet directions. Combine butter beans, tomatoes, cucumber and baby spinach leaves and drizzle with salad dressing. Place cooked fish onto serving plate and spoon over bean salad. Hint: Serve fish and salad with Birds Eye Golden Crunch Fries.

30 Days of Thanksgiving is from Karla's blog.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 24

Lots of Thanksgiving posts around today.

There is Give Me Five Reasons You Are Thankful This Year hosted at Becca's Buzz. My favourite at Joyce's Musings. Actually I haven't read the others, they are all my favourites.

And Peggy's Week of Thanksgiving Daybook here.

I am thankful today for:

~ my library
~ my son having new games to play, actually they are his brothers
~ a cosy home
~ an exciting thing to do at work for my husband to look forward to

I liked Joyce's thanksgiving for: "In this slow economic time, we have food to eat, money to pay our bills, and a cozy home." Thanks Joyce, that helps a lot.

Yesterday's theme was for Patience and More Prayer.

Karla has been recording for a radio station for Thanksgiving. You can visit her and even listen. Here is the link.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Downunder

This is a bit of a look at an old-fashioned Christmas in Australia. It was in response to my Life As I See It post on the weekend. These are mostly photos from last year. You can see the park where we saw the Christmas lights in the oak trees this week. I have things bought for this year, and a dress for my youngest to wear, and tickets for my son and his girlfriend to visit, but that is all I have done so far. Oh, and I have mince pies and all that sorted. I like my English traditions! You may need to enlarge the first photo to see the raindeer lights.

Carols by Candlelight is on TV every year. This is an ad for a local event.

These are the older photos. Christmas lights around town, holly without berries, I have been wanting to strike this bush to have for ourselves. It does grow in the higher rainfall areas. There is a town in NSW with an amazing holly tree. And Australiana town Christmas decorations you may see the roo there.

Please add your idea of an Aussie Christmas for Gypsy Lala or post your own post about Australian Christmases.

Happy Homemaker Monday


The weather in my neck of the woods:
Down to 7oC in the mornings, a little chilly, I like it to be either summer or winter, silly I know, however it is nice to have a break, and give the garden a break

One of my simple pleasures:
Having a bath, not something I have done much for years

On my bedside table:
Wanted by Shelley Shepard Gray an Amish story 2nd in series

On my TV:
Australian Idol
I keep forgetting to watch Jamie's Roadtrip on Mondays, and Super Nanny Tuesdays. Maybe I can watch it tonight. I think I caught some of Good Chef, Bad Chef this week and the first half of a movie I missed last time I watched it, and a bit of an old Sally Field movie

On the menu for tonight:
Ham, Cheese & Chive Quiches

On my To Do list:
not sure, it was a busy day yesterday and I have lost where I am up to, probably supervising that things get done, maybe paying a bill.

New Recipe I tried last week:
this is probably more than in the last week. I'd recommend it. Zucchini, Tomato & Chilli Rigatoni or Pasta

In the craft basket:
Sewing up some stretched boardshorts, dh was kind enough to do it this morning

Looking forward to:
Reading my book, I should go and rest and do that, a busy day again Friday. My internet speed coming back up, maybe tomorrow?

Homemaking Tip for this week:
Check out the Create-a-Jelly website, where you can turn your favourite drink into jelly

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
All of Karla's posts have been fantastic

Favorite photo from last week: a photo my husband took on Sunday at the newer house

Lesson learned the past few days:
That in Australian Facebook is king see article here.

On my Prayer List:
not sure

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
Wisdom & Understanding and also here.
Proverbs 2:11 from Becca's Buzz sidebar, "Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.".

This meme is from Sandra's blog.

Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Monday Day 23

Things to be thankful for today:

~ A glorious sky on fire hot pink sunset
~ dim sims
~ chocolates to share for a nice moment driving (the only snack I could come up with on short notice)
~ having our other car home again
~ going to the Albury Botanical Gardens if only for a few minutes, I love the herb garden (pictured) it features lemon verbena and cotton lavender
~ grass and mountain like summer growth
~ talking to Mum even if we were discussing size
~ seeing some more Christmas things, I think in K-mart
~ good music, Lee Kernaghan is a good standby
~ kind drivers

The theme for today is Patience and More Prayer from Karla's blog.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life hasn't been my ideal but God is still good

Today I am quoting Kimberly who wrote an excellent article At The Well called Living Apart During a Recession. That line "Life hasn't been my ideal but God is still good", at the end of the article, is a wake up call for me. This is what I used to live and breathe, where did my thinking change?

It reminded me of what I wrote in mid July 2008, I quoted an article called Life Wasn't Meant To Be Easy ~ With Courage It Is A Delight! I loved the famous quote from our former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. In fact life then was hard.

At the time Ann said:
Still at Home said... My SO (AKA Our Hero) says that this quote also occurred in James A Michener's novel "The Source" and he said "life wasn't meant to be easy, it was meant to be life". Whether or not he was aware of the original quote by GBS, I am not sure.

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 22 Sunday

I have nearly forgotten what I have to be thankful for today, after watching who won Australian Idol tonight. It was Stan Walker, who is praising God, and his New Zealand maori family celebrating in the background with their Kiwi chant, not sure what it is called.

It has been nice to get to know Michael Buble and Mika. I was hoping Mika would sing Big Girl You Are Beautiful. I haven't read the lyrics, but I like the song. Michael Buble is an Italian Canadian and Mika I assume English.

Do you remember last year when we started developing the second block at our newer house? It looks very green and lush today doesn't it? Although the photos my husband took of my flowers shows they have had a hot week. I have some nice daylilies out.

Thankful today for:

~ my garden
~ a great year watching Idol
~ I look forward to reading more of Michael Bubles biography
~ I look forward to seeing what kind of songs Stan puts out in the future
~ I also look forward to listening more to his current single
~ that my sons went to the Asian food store, one of their favourite places
~ lovely cool weather for resting
~ a lovely wombuk salad that you can find on Mandy's blog, it goes perfect with fish fingers

The theme today is The Holy Spirit. See Karla's post for details.

Life As I See It

On Thursday we were driving through a town that is on the way to the regional centre. It is a similar size to our own town our adopted town of our treechange.

As we came into the town there were Christmas lights to greet us. They have in the park two giant oaks (yes, downunder in Australia they still have leaves on) with white lights tied to the branches. It was just beautiful, I couldn't believe it was that time of year already. That town is deserted at night so we had the whole park to ourselves and the weather was nice out. What a shame we couldn't stay just a little longer, it was quite late and a school night. We had been late night shopping, which is on Thursday in NSW I think, and Friday in Victoria. I may have a picture.

My daughter and husband saw an echnida on the way down to get our car fixed. My husband had to explain that he didn't think they did that kind of work on cars in our town. Hopefully there is nothing we haven't heard of.

It is raining here today, as it was yesterday. We really thought it may have cleared up today. Despite being Christmas it is dark like winter and feels like nice hybinating weather. Luckily I have a good book to read.

I haven't been able to get started on it, as I keep wondering if there is something I have to do for my son. He is living with his brother so it is not so bad, but is doing his own jobs for himself, but his brother is teaching him the bus routes and things like that.

He has applied for work, just to get a work history, they haven't let him know yet, so this week he is coming home most likely to attend his high school graduation and get his annual checkup at the dentist.

It is also good practise for the interstate bus too I suppose. All things his brother had to learn when he first went to live in that city.

Yesterday I got to watch on TV the welcome home parade for the armed service personnel from Iraq.

It was just as big a shock leaving our son in the city as it was the first time with our eldest. Not sure why that is. But we are starting to feel ourselves again. Maybe the practise was good.

We have been enjoying the movie channel on Austar, a family movie channel that is new. My husband called me in to watch an old Sally Field movie, that I had seen part of many years ago.

The latest theme from the 30 Days of Thanksgiving is Stretching, so I have been stretched this week I think, so the rainy weather is a nice way to recover. Tonight the final of Australian Idol is on TV.

My husband has too much on his plate, so I had best have a nice rest with my book, it is likely to be a busy week ahead. He is wanting to weed gardens today, but it depends on the rain a little, I can't see it, he is at the other house. Our daughter is here at church. He has some other things to do in case it is raining too much.

Click on the graphic to take you to Life As I See It home. #6 here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 21

Things to be thankful for on Saturday:

~ rain (for washing away the pollen, making it easier to weed, and keeping temperatures down)
~ that my two grown boys got to go to the Agricultural Show and other fun stuff, and seeing Dr. Harry (a TV vet)
~ for things getting tidied up around the house
~ for a nice day
~ getting the shopping done, usually it is finished the main part on Thursday, I hope I have all we need for the rest of the fortnight
~ for our second car being fixed, all the niggly little problems on it are fixed and it makes it safe during the hotter weather, it is very unlikely to boil, not sure why the radiator was full of fluff though lol
~ the view of winter-like fog covering nearly all of the mountain

The theme for today is Hope. Please find it by clicking hope to take you to Karla's post.

Friday, November 20, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 20

Blessings, or things to be thankful for today Friday:

~ my son doing stuff at his new location, applying for jobs, learning to take the bus, exploring new shopping centres and trying new foods, foods that he wants to try
~ quieter times at home, even though I was talking to their brother lots today
~ not too hot
~ enjoying my airconditioned car
~ a lovely book turning up at the library I think it is called Wanted, an Amish story (looks like a good Australian bookstore that I haven't tried, maybe it has other American Christian styled books?)
~ my other son being very helpful
~ my eldest daughter enjoying her new togs
~ an award for my little girl at school for maths
~ household jobs done like buying tickets and making up a bank cheque

Skywatch Friday

The dust has caught up with us today. Yesterday we drove to the regional centre after my husband's work finished. After awhile we could see the dust, and stopped to take a photo. At the regional centre the cars were filthy. Maybe they had had the dust all day. It was quite hot there as well. I was lucky my airconditioning was fixed, and I drove home in comfort. Then sometime during the night the dust followed us. See Tania's post for where I first heard about this dust. My previous post shows the lake and how you can't really see it for dust.

Albury, NSW

Thursday, November 19, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 19

~ feeling nice
~ overcast and not as hot as expected
~ blog inspiration from Tania to get our radiator fixed, luckily they could fit us in and we could combine that and the shopping trip I had planned for Saturday thanks to late night shopping in NSW, I didn't want to tie up our weekend or take the girls out of school, sometimes necessary living 1 1/2 hours from services
~ the man put in a cable and my airconditioning worked nearly straight away, so no hot trip home

Today's dust, which thankfully settled in the town we went to.

The theme for today is Opportunities.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 16, 17, 18

Blessings Day 16 Monday ~ my son got a job interview for casual work
~ nice greetings from a person up the street
~ I think it was the first day of the pool season
~ the newspaper said we may be eligible for a discounted satellite telephone

Blessings Day 17 Tuesday ~ my son's voice on the telephone
~ my husband being home again
~ a bargain of a doona like cover, pillow, pillow cases and good old-fashioned sheet for $20.50
~ the interview going well
~ my little girl knowing an author she likes to read, so important at her age transitioning to older books
~ the new classic movie channel on Austar, great for watching things like 101 Dalmations, the kids like that movie
~ a nice friendly teen came to visit

Blessings Day 18 Wednesday ~ the sound of cicadas in the garden
~ an unusual birthday cake made by my girls, very inventive
~ Facebook and birthdays, what an amazing combination
~ beautiful growth on the osmanthus birkwoodi now that they have matured
~ my son doing well looking after himself
~ lovely letters from universities being encouraging, and parcels I paid off during the year arriving
~ the benefits of my prior menu planning and doing work on my books, it helps
~ friendly staff at two banks
~ nice flowers and skies, and still more birds outside, this time a wattlebird I think

The theme for Day 16 is laughter (click on graphic at top to take you to Karla's post).
Day 17 ~ Stretching & Faith,
Day 18 ~ Humility.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 15

The theme for Day 15 is church.

On Sunday I was watching Australian Idol. The two that will battle it out for the title are Stan and Hayley. They sang their winners albums. I liked Black Box by Stan.

Stan and Hayley had stories of their life. Stan told about his life before his family started going to church, and how a lady there and her story helped him so much. And how after Idol his family have moved forward. Church has made such a big difference to Stan's life as a boy who thought he was trapped in his life in his small town. The world has opened up so much for him. It was wonderful to hear.

I didn't realise the song was about a relationship with a girl, but I like the bit about survival, it suits Stan. I wonder what he would write for himself?

I am thankful for all the things Karla mentioned. Also for the church buildings I know. I am very thankful my daughter goes to church. She has been for three weeks and is sixteen. She gets ready and takes herself there. I am thankful on Sunday I got some new channels to watch on Austar, including a classic movie channel. I was dissappointed though that my girls will be subjected to more ads in between that they shouldn't watch.

That's My World Tuesday

Rural graffiti, taken last Saturday. Apparently the kids were woken from their boredom on the bus on their way to school.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday...

Outside my window... strawberry pots in the shade

I am thinking... about my son and my husband

I am thankful for... opportunites and nice memories

I am wearing... green capris and navy round neck t-shirt

I am remembering... when I brought my first born home from hospital, after his birth

I am going... maybe to buy some special shoes for my eldest daughters

I am reading... not much, have a book about Queensland called Sugar Flower?

I am hoping... my second son gets his casual job

On my mind... lots about kids growing up and how they make a life of their own and have their own jobs

Noticing that... everything is drying out in the garden

From the kitchen... pies, beans, mashed potatoes

Around the house... I have to bring in a clothes horse from the front verandah

One of my favourite things... well watered gardens this time of year

From my picture journal...

My rose.

Simple Woman's Daybook by Peggy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 14

My blessings for Saturday:

~ riding in the car along the river with hot weather, as much as I like to deny it, I am really a river flats girl

~ the choices of roses that the previous owner of our newer house made, they are so different to any I have had, one now has heads of multiple roses, I haven't noticed that before (see below pic)

~ I got to see an episode of Garden Angels, beautiful gardens are featured that are my style, the only thing I don't like is the style of clothing, I am still not used to my daughter's wearing their hair and clothes like that

~ I got to see previews of the new channels on Austar tomorrow

The theme today at Karla's is creativity (click on graphic to take you there).

"How about you? Where does your creativity shine?
How about your children?
Take a moment today to thank God for His creativity
that flows in us and through us... and be blessed."

One of the reasons I loved watching Garden Angels was things like their placement of conifers in a row with a whole bed of what looked like the new Munstead or Lady lavenders. I thought, I could copy that, though it looked like they had a hill and the garden I was thinking of was flat.

"Creativity (or "creativeness") is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts..." from here.

The first thing that comes to mind is our 18 year old son. He is always wanting to think up new things and asking questions. Once he saw something his teacher who has a phd hadn't thought of. Not possible, why not? He has a good mind. He likes playing around with spices on his food. He is interesting to have around, and I am wondering since he has spent not that many days away from home in his life what it will be like when he goes to his brother's for awhile and then starts uni.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last week there was a question about Australia on Sunday Stealing? Anyway, I read some of the answers. Here are some videos. They were interesting. I didn't know all of it.

My Boomerang Won't Come Back

My daughter took a boomerang with her to Malaysia. Her host family said she should be able to throw it. My husband says he used to practise throwing them. How about you? Can you throw one?

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 13

~ my daughter has a pair of black zip up pants that may have come from the op-shop and a t-shirt that was given to her from the op-shop as well. Now they have come in handy for a pirate costume she needs

~ my son's laptop arrived and he was very happy

~ a local job for him to apply for

~ help with laptop bags from online friend

~ I found another outfit at the op-shop for my other daughter if she wants to wear it

~ safety

~ our own silverbeet in the garden that was quite a lot when we harvested it

~ an episode of Good Chef, Bad Chef with philo pastry in it, how appropriate, see below

~ my daughter came up close to a tortoise with green slimy shell while riding to the swimming hole

The theme for Day 13, Friday is Taste.

We made a spanakopita with our silverbeet. I ate the left over piece for lunch. Although we used tubed dill and it was a little unusual, I was very blessed. I was thankful that someone had made it for me. We used to have this dish a lot, and I think at the time I used to make it. I am thankful that our supermarket now stocks ricotta cheese.

We have been able to enjoy taste since we had our delivery of food from Hamper King. We only enjoy some of these things once a year. Some of it is plain, but we are getting another delivery soon. Today four people needed lunch at our new house, so they took an eski or cooler with a four pack of pies and they loved the brand that came in our hamper. Another took a little bag of fish fingers.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 12 Thursday

Yesterday's theme was Grace. I wonder if anyone say Australian Idol the week before last where Stan sang this Amazing Grace, but arranged in a way that Stan thinks up sometimes.

Blessings on Thursday:

~ my son came home just at the time I was signing off a delivery of food boxes from Hamper King. He brought them in out of the reasonable heat so I could put things in the freezer. Then we repacked a box so he could take Asian sauces and things to his pantry in uni.

~ the things were nice and cool and still frozen solid

~ my son finished his final exam in Year 12. He has done Year 12 twice so he is happy, and opened a special item he bought at the Asian food store a little while back to celebrate. It is not often he gets to go to the Asian food store

~ yesterday he got an email from the uni he would like most to go to. They were saying the nice things about their uni and their faculty and I appreciated the thought. It is a busy and stressful time, and they make it special and it gets the focus back on how blessed it is to be able to go on to further study

~ I am also happy that the delivery guy was so professional

Tender Grace of a Day That is Dead from Wiki Commons

Is it just me...

I can relate to most of the music on this youtube channel. It is called bertovids's channel. It has all the music I love, that has had special meaning to me. What a shame some of them don't have vocal, but I know the words anyway. Some of the songs I learnt at school, we were given music books, I still have them. Some I learnt at guitar lessons. I think one I learnt to play on the electronic organ. It is starting to be a tear jerker now lol. I even found an old guy from 1 hour down the road, who wrote his own song. Even Wooden Heart (Elvis). One is from TV, Six Ribbons by Jon English. I've decided to choose The Happy Wanderer. I love the other videos with the older guys playing apart from those two. What a happy life they have travelling to perform their music. One must have travelling 3 hours.

Community Radio

Do you listen to it? My husband had it on last night. It was quite pleasant, we were eating our meal. He said though they don't tell you what the song was. I think this is the song we were listening to. It is my Country Music pic for this month? I found one where someone put pictures of their town in the Michigan, US to the music. It is called Back Where I Come From. I can relate, wish I could make my own version. There are no barns like that here though.

30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 11

Blessings on Day 11, Wednesday

~ having jobs for my son to apply for, casual jobs
~ relative peace

I am getting out of practise with listing my blessings, I'm sure I'm missing things that don't have to be in my day, but are, and that make a difference.

Yesterday's theme was Service, or rather Day 10, Tuesday.

Yesterday here was Remembrance Day which is rather fitting for Service. An airraid siren went off at the local Country Fire Authority at 11am. They actually use it here if there is a fire.

My husband told me some interesting facts about the last post that I didn't know about. It was for lights out at night, and meals? I didn't get a chance to talk about it much, but it was interesting.

About the time of the airraid siren I looked up my Grandma's uncle's record online. His brother also died at Gallipoli, Turkey. One was quite young, the other older. I did lots of reading yesterday. I read the list of people at Ft. Hood as at that time I think there was a remembrance for them as American was still in Tuesday I think.

I read The Age newspaper that is always in our house, but this time was left in my room so I picked it up.

I quite enjoyed the heat, but I wasn't outside in it, except to go pick up something the girls dropped while walking the dog. It is a place that turns into a dirt road with a nice aspect, it was nice to see it. The heat of course was not as hot as in South Australia.

Karla mentioned things that people can do in their Christian walk to serve people. I enjoyed the one, yielding in traffic, and also saying thank you. Here is part of her prayer:

"...Heavenly Father... thank You for all the people who serve the public
through their jobs. Sometimes we can take them for granted
and not even show them how much we appreciate their
service. Help us to be more mindful and appreciative Lord.
Remind us to smile at them and say "thank you."

Those two things I do pretty much. I was happy Karla mentioned them, because I don't think of myself as a serving person.

Yesterday I rang someone because really I thought I needed a boost. I thought just talking to them in general would help. Wrong. There are some that don't want to, it seems to fulfil that role. I worry sometimes that I do the same thing to my kids. My husband says I don't. That situation is more depressing than being picked on. The conversations don't get picked up on and everything falls flat. Even then I don't think I have conveyed what I mean about that type of conversation. It is not like refusing to talk, just some things are vetoed. I wonder how common this is?

So if you don't do this, you must be serving the people who call you sometimes.

I found a blog post, and gorgeous blog about God's Mercies being new each morning as I spoke about the other day. It is at fly through our window.

Telephone poles line a dirt road that extends to the horizon

Do you know that the only song (and I have been through a list of old Christian service hymns) that I can think of that relates to this post is a song called Royal Telephone. I thought everyone knew it. They may. I am not sure if I knew this at the time but it was written by an Australian Aboriginal named Jimmy Little. Aparently he sang Danny Boy and El Paso, I'm confused. My family had both those songs in the house, and El Paso I love.

Here is a bit of Australiana for you.

This blog carnival comes from Karla's blog, link above.